Earth Purpose

Always remember who you are, because others will try and make you forget.  You are born as Love, and your earth purpose is to re-join into this Love.  Love, is something that you already have, it is innate within you.  You are an awareness of infinite Love and consciousness having an experience.  When you truly recognize this, you will stop living in terms of limitations, words like “I can’t” and thoughts of fearfulness.  When you stop thinking in terms of your limitations, you release fear and tap into the river of infinite Love and consciousness that is always available.

If you find yourself in a situation and you are unsure of what to do, ask yourself: “What would Love do? Would Love retaliate or forgive? Would Love hurt or comfort?  Would Love speak lies or speak truths?  Would Love be deceitful or honest?”

When you were born, chances were that you born into a family that was unaware.  They had their Love mostly covered up with fear, lots of layers of it.  They believed all the fear conditioning that was given to them from the time when they were born, so in turn, they accepted their fear packages and in turn gave them to you.  Their energy signature was one of “don’t ask any questions” and “do as I say, not as I do.”  The best part is, the next wave of energy signatures that were brought forth carried a signature that said, “don’t tell me what to do!”

Most likely, the environment in which you were raised created a false identity of who you truly are.  Your intuition was negated and attention was focused on your five senses.  The reflection that you see in the mirror is the vehicle that you call you, which allows you to experience this earth realm – you are a physical being, and you are much, much more.

Those that are being born into families that are already awakened will be of great assistance to others and are already natural leaders and healers for the beautiful world that is being birthed.  Others that are awakening regardless of their birth-earth families will also participate in this Love-evolution.

Remember your power – your earth purpose is to Love. When you are feeling Love, you are lined up with whom you truly are (Source energy).

If you are unsure of where you are in your path, use your emotional GPS guidance system.  Think thoughts, and feel the way the thoughts feel – if the thoughts feel awful it’s because they are opposing to the Source within you and when the thoughts feel good, you are in alignment with Source energy, you are on your path.

Releasing the fear programs takes a lot of desire for freedom, dedication to your truth, and knowing that you are also journeying home – you might as well be joyful along the way!

Beyond all of your experiences, you are a neutral be-ing who came to play and learn.  Re-member, you are an awareness of infinite Love and consciousness having an experience.

Leaving you with peace, love, understanding, awareness and wisdom (and of course, big hugs and butterfly kisses).

“How much longer are you going to stay oblivious to the immensity of yourself?”
- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

“You have been oriented that you must pay a price in order to get somewhere, and in the process, you’ve come to believe that getting there must be really important, therefore, it must be your purpose.  And we say, but if you’re not getting to joy, then you’ve gotten nowhere.  Joy is really where you’re going.” – Abraham

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
- Joseph Campbell

“We all owe it to ourselves to know who we are. To know the truth of our existence.”Gregg Braden

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium