Rose’s Roses

The other day I was with my son looking for another pair of running shoes for his gym class.  He was trying them on and practice-running up and down the shoe aisle to make sure they would be the right ones.  While he was doing this, I told him I’d be in the next aisle looking at the slippers.

Over in the slipper section, I found myself standing beside a young woman and I felt  profound sorrow emanating from her. I couldn’t help myself so I touched her arm and said, “It’s going to be alright.”  She burst into tears and said, “How do you know?”  Just then, a lady showed up behind her, except this lady was no longer in physical form.  The lady was beautiful, in her early 60’s and was holding out bouquets of roses.  Not just a couple of bouquets of roses, but like a trillion bouquets of roses!  There were bouquets of roses everywhere around this lady.

I told the young woman what I saw, and she stopped crying and stared at me while I described in detail what I was being shown.  It turned out that who I was describing was this young woman’s mother who had recently re-emerged into pure positive energy at the age of 62.  Her mother not only loved roses, but her name was Rose!  She thanked me and hugged me, and kept hugging me (I was wondering if she’d ever let me go – smile!).

After I gently reassured the young woman that everything was truly all right, I shared with her that the sorrow she was experiencing was the focusing on the absence of her mother, rather than the presence of her everywhere.  When we re-emerge into non-physical we are completely with Source energy and present everywhere, all the time.

I said goodbye to this young woman and I found my son watching from the corner of the shoe aisle.  As we proceeded toward the check out, my son asked me what had happened.  I looked at him and said, “That young woman was really missing her mother.”  My son smiled at me and said “Mom, I bet you found her mother for her, and Mom, I love you!”

We left the store with happy hearts and new pair of runners.  I always find it so fulfilling to listen to the wisdom of my heart and trust when I am guided to say or do something, or even be somewhere (as the saying goes “right time, right place, right always”).

Remember, we are infinite, and an expression of Source energy in physical form.

Leaving you with peace, love, understanding, awareness and wisdom (and of course, big hugs and butterfly kisses).

“Everything in this life has a purpose, there are no mistakes, no coincidences.” – Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” – Rumi

“If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.” – Winnie the Pooh

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium