New Friends and Acquaintances

I have noticed over the years that people are quietly leaving each other’s lives, letting go and moving on.  When this happens, we have to be okay with it and understand that the absence of companionship is a temporary one, as that space will soon be filled with new activities as well as new friendships and acquaintances.

This observation also comes from my own personal experience and although people have left my life, or I’ve left theirs, there wasn’t any upset; rather we just gently drifted in different directions.  I am always grateful for having had them in my life for that period of time and I have learned to allow relationships to flow.

Last year, about this time, I was having what I will politely call “a moment”.  It wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination one of my better moments.  The day unfolded like a volcano getting ready to unleash it’s wrath and fury – Mount St. Helens didn’t hold a match to what I was getting ready to experience.  All I can say is that a few nights of sleeplessness, combined with too much going on during the day, feeling extremely overwhelmed with life in general, and too many shoes at the front door.

Yes, that’s what culminated me losing it – too many shoes at the front door.

You see I was getting ready to go for a walk, I figured there had to be a way for me to just ease off the edginess that I was relentlessly sensing.  I had my jacket on, sunglasses and one running shoe when I realized that I couldn’t find my other runner because of the mess of shoes at the front door.  I lost it, totally completely, lost it, and started picking up shoes one at a time and hurling them back at the floor and down my front hallway and simultaneously launching F-BOMBS each and every time.  There were probably 20 pairs of shoes at the front door (so yes, that would be 40 F-BOMBS).

Throughout this ordeal, my husband, smart man that he is, just stayed back at a safe distance and watched my ferocity with a look of sheer disbelief and terror on his face (grin!) when all of a sudden the doorbell rang.  Ding-Dong!

So many thoughts went through my blithering brain, “Oh my God, who in their right mind would ring the doorbell at a time like this?  Surely to God they can hear someone losing it?  Seriously, they must be crazier than me!”

I decided I had nothing left to lose seeing that I had already lost it, and I opened the door.  Standing there was a man dressed in a nice suit and tie and he said “Oh, hi.”  I just looked at him and he said, “I was in the neighbourhood and I thought I’d drop by and bring you Jesus.”  He handed me his brochure and I said “You know, it’s probably a good thing that you brought him to my door today, things could have conceivably gotten worse.”  I thanked him, he left and I closed the door and burst into tears of mortification and then I started giggling. I just couldn’t believe the timing!

About a week later, I was having a “normal” day (I wasn’t F-Bombing the shoes around) and the doorbell rang again.  Ding-Dong!  Yes, it was the same man only he had someone with him (reinforcement I’m thinking).  They were checking in on me they said; making sure that “everything is okay” and then they handed me a different brochure that focused on God loving women.  They pointed out to me that I was deeply loved by God – I just smiled and thanked them.

We’ve had interesting conversations since then, and although we have very different paths to our Source beliefs, we have become acquaintances.  They were especially interested in what I do, and truly open to receiving loving feedback.  One of the conversations that we recently had was about their version of the “Second Coming” and then I explained my version, “One by one, people are sensing that the fabled return is not of Jesus coming again, rather it is about the global awakening of truth and Love in our hearts.”

We are all fellow earth travellers, journeying our way home.  Extending to each other a common religion of kindness and compassion brings us to our collective genesis, Love.

Leaving you with peace, love, understanding, awareness and wisdom (and of course, big hugs and butterfly kisses).

“May there me such a oneness between us, that when one weeps, the other tastes salt.” – Kahlil Gibran

“The purpose of religion is not to argue which one is the best. Over the past centuries, each great teaching has served humanity, so it’s much better to make friends, understand each other, and make an effort to serve humanity than to criticize or argue. Buddha, Jesus Christ, and all other great teachers created their ideas and teachings with sincere motivation, love, and kindness toward humanity, and they shared it for the benefit of humanity. I do not think those great teachers created differences to make trouble.” – The Dalai Lama

“You don’t need religion to have morals.  If you can’t determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion.” – Anonymous 

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium