Remembering Your Connections

Many people are now in the midst of experiencing what I call the transition.  They are no longer where they used to be in their thoughts, attitudes or actions, yet not quite clear on where they are going.  What is occurring is that they are letting go of the old energies, the old ways of existence and getting ready for the new energies.

When we start to release who we no longer are, letting go of our limiting beliefs, and leaving behind the baggage of fear, envy and resentment, we are then free to fly.  We fly on the wings of understanding, of compassion and of Love.

When we made the choice to emerge from Source energy into our physical forms, we materialized as separate beings with unique destinies, and “to a point” we are.  It is a paradox, to say only “to a point”, because we are unique in design like snowflakes, and at the same time, very much like raindrops, all a part of the ocean of awareness.

Consider that we are all one, that we come from one Source and that we will return to the one Source, just like the leaves are part of the tree, we are one Being, one consciousness manifesting in different bodies. We are not really separate from one another, that separation is an illusion.

In the interest of the whole of humankind, as a collective, we need to understand that our world is on the tipping point of a shift in behaviour and thinking; from aggressive self-preoccupation, to open hearted cooperation.  As we awaken, our civilization is transitioning and completing its final lessons in soul growth; it will not be without challenges and difficulties.

Every time you charge your thoughts with Love, the world changes.  Your Love invites wonders to show up, not just in your world, but also the whole world.

Oneness is the karmic balance and is all-inclusive when we understand that the next time we judge, criticize or compare another, that we remember our connections.

Leaving you with peace, love, understanding, awareness and wisdom (and of course, big hugs and butterfly kisses).

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.”  – Alan Watts

“The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small.”  – Mother Teresa

“One love, one heart . . . let’s get together and feel all right”  – Bob Marley

“We are all one, only egos, beliefs and fears separate us.”  – Unknown


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium