Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Transmutable Alchemist

If ever you take the time to observe your thoughts, you would be really quite amazed at how much the mind “thinks” – it just goes on and on and on, from one topic to another.  Those thoughts are like … Continue reading

Love is Your Highest Calling

When we look deep within ourselves and dust off our inner mirror, we can clearly see that we have a purpose, a mission here in this existence. We all experience life lessons, which are truthfully spiritual lessons, only most people … Continue reading

The Renaissance

This time period offers perhaps the greatest lessons one could ever hope to be present in and learn. There is an enormous energy shift with changes afoot, and these changes are gaining momentum.  People are waking up, shifting, noticing that … Continue reading

Love Tears

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of them, yes, a lot of Love tears.  They are special tears, and I call them special because they are such a mixture of emotions.  Most often I get them after a client leaves … Continue reading