Intimacy Truth

Okay, we need to talk.  It’s overdue and has been the proverbial elephant in the room for quite some time, so here goes.  The kind of intimacy that we’re going to talk about today isn’t the 50 shades kind; it’s the spiritual truth kind. We most often think of intimacy as being intimate with another person, the feeling of being in a close personal relationship or belonging together with another.

Genuine intimacy in relationship with another necessitates open dialogue, a mutual exchange of energy and transparency of intentions.  Intimacy also includes detailed knowledge of the other, and this knowledge is commonly on an intuitive level, an unspoken but known in the heart kind of level.

When there is a presence of flowing love and compassion, there is intimacy. When we are completely in love with our self, we cannot help but be completely in love with all others. This is when our compassionate heart pulses and sends out a spirited signal of alignment of who we truly are, Love.

If we remain unaware of intimacy truth, we will go about our life experience projecting our un-awakened inner selves onto others.  Eventually the others are not going to live up to the projected expectation and then disappointment ensues.  This inevitably results in unnecessary heartache and confusion.

Take a moment and check into your self and welcome what needs your attention.  Most likely there will be a little or even a big something that needs to be healed that will lead you back to maintaining your state of inner intimate awareness.  Appreciate your vulnerability; it’s what makes you authentic.

Stand proud of who you are irrespective of what others think, or what you think others think about you.  Acknowledge your essence, your truth, your gifts, your courage, your strength, your spiritual power, your kindness, and your discerning and empathic heart.  Release any and all lies you were told and told yourself about your lack of worthiness; they simply are not true.  You are a magnificent expression of infinite intelligence; there is no mistake about it.

Commit to becoming mindful of the unconscious patterns that limit your beloved intimacy.  Intimacy is a path of spiritual development, and, now that we’ve talked, you will recognize that “intimacy” is revealed as, “into me, I see!”

Leaving you with peace, love, understanding, awareness and wisdom (and of course, big hugs and butterfly kisses).

“Enlightenment is the key to everything, and it is the key to intimacy, because it is the goal of true authenticity.”  – Marianne Williamson

You can go on changing the outer for lives and you will never be satisfied. Unless the inner changes, the outer can never be perfect.”  – Osho

“Someone who takes the time to understand their relationship with source, who actively seeks alignment with their broader perspective, who deliberately seeks and finds alignment with who-they-really-are, is more charismatic, more attractive, more effective, and more powerful than a group of millions who have not achieved this alignment.”Abraham Hicks


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium