AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Bluebird of Happiness

Q: On a very hot summer morning on Friday, July 13, 2012, I went for a walk with my gentle golden retriever Maggie Mae.  We were three homes away from our home when I noticed a blue bird on a lawn. I wasn’t sure of the type of bird but it certainly wasn’t a blue jay. I wasn’t sure what to do and I thought it to myself, “it will fly home”, so we continued on our walk.  Throughout our walk I couldn’t stop thinking about this bird and needless to say our walk was cut short and Maggie and I returned to the area to search for this blue bird.  We looked and looked but didn’t see it anywhere and I thought for sure that it must have flown home.  Maggie and I arrived back at our home and as we were walking up the walk way I saw the blue bird waiting on our window directly above the front door.

This blue bird is a now a member of our family and we have named her Ms. Watson.  She is a beautiful, strong budgie and sings like an angel. Is there any meaning behind Ms. Watson coming to our home?

A: Your experience is extremely interesting and speaks very deeply to the inner workings of the unobserved ineffable becoming realized.

Traditionally, we have been imprinted with the belief that Friday the 13th can be days that are unlucky and that 13 is an unlucky number. It is not uncommon that we unconsciously hold these beliefs in our energy fields. It feels like if you were to look back upon this day, that is was most likely a significant pivotal point in your life’s journey in ways that you had only dreamed of and a magnificent example of how the universe is always supporting you in your desires.

Birds naturally bring us joyfulness and are seen as symbols of freedom, empowerment, signs of eternal life and the future. Many folklore suggest that birds are a sign of renewed life and often seen as a transition between life and death. They possess the ability to soar to heights, change directions suddenly and intuitively encourage us to always find our own wings.

It is not uncommon that an angel or spirit guide from the non-physical realm will manifest its energies into a winged animal totem in the earthly world. Angels are associated with birds more than any other type of animal because angels who appear to humans in their heavenly wonder sometimes feature wings.

The colour of your bird being blue is also very symbolic and is representative of the sky, water, the oceans and heaven as well as being the colour of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. On an energetic level, blue is the colour of trust, tranquility, and communication especially using the voice for speaking the truth, teaching and inspiration. Blue is by far the most universally liked colour of all.

Artists will often use this colour to show depth and perspective. Blue is also associated with the throat chakra and deals with communication; that this bird sings like an angel is also indicative of you finding your inner angel voice and expressing it clearly and lovingly for all to hear. The mantra known for the colour blue is “I AM expansive”.

In numerology, the dates you have provided would be interpreted as follows:

7 (for the month of July)

13 (for the date)

2012 (for the year)

7+1+3+ 2+0+1+2 = 16 = 1+6 = 7

The number seven is filled with elements of spiritually, innovative analytical understandings, trust, openness, abilities to focus and become introspective, studious, profound inner wisdom and intuition, graciousness and possessing the energies of the mystics. This number also encompasses higher awareness as in a broader and sophisticated point of view (which birds naturally enjoy).

That you saw this bird when you were three houses away from your home is also significant. The number three in numerological terms is noted for being youthful, dynamic, optimistic, understanding, joyful, inspiring, talented, creative and especially gifted with the ability to inspire and heal others.

In adding the number 7 to the number 3 obviously gives us 10. Ten is composed of the number 1 which encompasses creativity and confidence, channeling high energies and inspiration. The number 0 is all about inner gifts, gifts of sensitivity, strength, expressiveness, and intuition and of being of service to others for a higher purpose.

Where there is great love, there are always miracles and miracles do come true! It feels very much like you and Ms. Watson were divinely guided to be in relationship with one another. You were focused and able to provide a loving home for her and she is able to provide the energies of expanding awareness for you.

Remember, like energies attract like energies and birds of a feather flock together!

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium