AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Stuck Between Two Worlds

Q: I am feeling stuck between two worlds; one world is of a spiritual nature with a focus on connecting to my authentic higher self, and the other world exists on a more physical plane.  The latter is my occupation of working within a system that is based on medical models and statistical gathering.

The two worlds do not seem to maintain consistent or similar ideas and leave me feeling split between doing what I feel I have to do to meet my financial obligations and working within my self to find out what my true purpose and offerings to the world really are.

Have I settled? Is there still more to learn at this juncture in this occupation? Is the timing not right to make a move?  How will I know when to expand?

A: Your question is magnificent and very relevant to what many people are currently experiencing. You truly are living in two worlds at this moment and this is exactly where you are still meant to be. As you continue to experience, focus, live and breathe in the world that is of spiritual nature you will find that the spirit world will naturally affect the world known as the physical plane. Remember, the physical plane was first thought and that thought came forth from non-physical (spirit world) to become physical. The physical plane is continually evolving; it is not static by any stretch of the imagination.

The medical models and its statistical gathering are also evolving and people are becoming aware and awakening to the truth that everything is energy based. There is a wave of awareness materializing at this very moment of people seeking out energetic modalities of healing all illnesses, as illnesses or dis-eases are symptomatic of energy imbalances within the body. The imbalances are brought about by our thoughts, whether we were given (taught) the thoughts to think or we acquired them through our own experience. If the thoughts are out of alignment with our truth, our soul contracts and blueprints, then the physical manifestation of ailments will take place.

Continue with your spiritual enquiries and training, there is a profound need for as many healers and modalities as possible on the planet. Humanity has been calling out for this level understanding, compassion, knowledge, teaching and healing. In what will feel like a blink of an eye, the proverbial scales will tip and you will be abundantly employed with the guidance of the universe in being of service to others.

In no way shape or form have you capitulated in settling! If anything, these thoughts are validation for you that you must continue in your journey and the Divine timing will unfold for you. All of your learning that you have acquired to date will definitely be an asset to you in your physical plane existence and will facilitate you practicing healing in your current work environment.

Trust in the process and most of all trust in yourself. You will know when the timing is perfect to make the final transition from employment in the physical plane to employment within the spirit world.

Sending you Love, wisdom and profound understanding in your journey!

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium