AMA (Ask Me Anything) – The Hoarder

Q: My mother is getting on in years and her never-ending acquisition of things is on the verge of becoming a hoarder. She currently has an overflowing amount of trinkets, canned and boxed goods, kitchen gadgets, fabric remnants, bedding, pictures, coffee mugs, shoes, plastic and paper bags of all sorts, wall hangings, magazines, clothing, etc. – you name it, she’s got it! My brother and I will be responsible for cleaning out her apartment when she transitions and we are very concerned about her behaviour becoming worse than it already is. Do you think that she needs medical help with this hoarding issue and why do people hoard?

A: Part of our lessons while here in physical form is to awaken and understand the levels of cultural programming and societal conditioning that we have received since birth. Most likely when your mother came into this world, it was a time of great stress and the mindsets of lack and shortage were propagated and experienced in real time. This energetic impression of scarcity clearly has stayed with your mother her entire existence.

Some people believe that by acquiring things, and when they become obsessive with their accumulations (hoarders for example) that they will be rich in things, but it’s actually the opposite as these things take up space and hold us back from our growth when there is an imbalance in things.

Your mother is also associating memories with every thing that she accumulates and her behaviour is symptomatic of trying to fill an emptiness that she views as lack, loneliness and ultimately, unworthiness. There is a component of feeling empowered (false worthiness) when she is in acquisition and amassing mode and this feeling is always short lived, hence the purpose in her need to repeatedly obtaining more things.

There isn’t a medical pill or treatment on the planet that will resolve your mother’s hoarding as her condition is not a physical ailment.  Rather, it is a condition of thought that has become a habitual behaviour and an approach of spiritual heart-healing will greatly improve her situation.

When you visit with your mother, do your best to stay present and focused with her. She will want to chat with you and show you things, much like you did when you were new to this world. Encourage and inspire your mother by reminding her how worthy and valuable of a person she is, how much she has abundantly brightened the days of others and most of all, share gratitude for and with her. After all, she too is a fellow earth traveller finding her way back home. She will sooner than later experience releasing all of the things, so that she can receive all of the energetic unconditional love and support of those around her. You can share with her that when she releases what no longer serves her, she heals and transforms into the magnificent expression of infinite intelligence that she truly is.

Your mother most likely has never considered that she can experience being peaceful with the unknown and view these opportunities as being doorways into a new way of Beingness.

It is worthy of doing your own inner reflection and spiritual housekeeping and notice if you are playing out your very own hoarding. Some of us are spiritual hoarders, holding on to patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us. We stay in jobs or relationships because we are fearful of letting go to receive what truly helps us to grow.

We can all be guilty of holding onto “something” just in case we need it some day. We often times will unconsciously carry emotionally charged memories that will ultimately clutter up our physical bodies with stagnant energies. These sluggish emotional energies need to be released, just as the physical hoarders require releasing all of their things that encumber their pathway.

Wishing you heart opening, compassion and understanding of life’s greater purpose.

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium