AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Spiritual Maturity

Q: Recently I have been feeling very left out and I’m not sure if it’s me or if it’s my family or the group of friends that I’ve been in a relationship with. We’ve grown up together and spent years being around one another. I used to enjoy being with them and we had a lot in common but lately I don’t feel like I’ve got anything to share with them or say to them. I feel like I don’t belong with these people any longer; I’ve been trying to stay engaged and interact but it all feels so superficial to me now. Is this really happening or am I going crazy?

A: Thank you for sharing such an inspiring question and I must tell you that you are not alone in your experience. The group of family and friends that you’ve been growing and socializing with are good people, and they are energetically showing you that you have spiritually developed and you are now transitioning to another level of awareness. This is why you have very little resonance with them at this point in your journey – you are evolving very quickly! Understand that what they are showing you is their spiritual maturity levels and you wouldn’t be able to recognize this if you weren’t aware and evolving.

It is very common that we come into our physical lives in a soul group that I refer to as our earth family. As we grow and advance, we begin to leave our earth families and seek out our spiritual families and this feels like what is taking place for you – you are in the process of experiencing your own transition so that you can become the vibrant Being that you always were.

Think of your experiences as analogous to being in a spiritual earth school; everyone is a student and each one of us is working on different topics for our soul growth and expansion. It is very important that we do our best to function from our compassionate heart and sharing understanding of each others’ journeys. We don’t have to necessarily indulge in the same behaviour as what someone else is learning, rather, just stay open to the inner knowing that we are all working different lessons.

You are definitely not going crazy! What you are experiencing is called a transition, a letting go of what you have always known (the old) in order to receive the new. This can feel overwhelming at times and this is natural.

We have been conditioned to become fearful when we aren’t quite sure what the new will be.  However, the more we shift and awaken, the more our spiritual growth will be supported and the awakening and shifting is inevitable.  Becoming aware of the significance of your Beingness will help you as you journey your path.

Release all expectations that you may have about how others “should” be responding to the new you and know that there is never a crowd at the leading edge (and you are on the leading edge of creating a new awareness for yourself).

Aloneness is oftentimes experienced during a transition and this can sometimes feel overwhelming. Do not let yourself think that this is an undesirable experience! The truth of the matter is that there is great opportunity available to you to experience empowerment in your aloneness. Remember that if you are feeling disempowered in any way, you cannot heal, release and transform into your magnificence.

This state of being alone is where new ideas can grow from thought to becoming a reality with focused attention and emotional desire. Aloneness is peaceful and has a smooth, gentle feeling of serenity and grace to it. Use these moments to your advantage and allow your creativity and resourcefulness to lead you to an elevated level of inspiration and brilliance. The brighter that you choose to shine with your confidence and inner knowing, the sooner you will begin to attract and become friends with your spirit family. Your spirit family members will embrace you, as you will energetically recognize each other as like-minded gentle souls!

Welcome to the shift, and treasure your newly found self-awareness and spiritual maturity. Stay heart centered, focus on caring for yourself, practice self-love and be the very best you can be!

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium