AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Back to School?

Q: My son is in his second year of pre-school and only goes two mornings a week (so only 4 hours a week in total). I can count the number of days on one hand when he does not become filled with anxiety, crying and very upset about going off to school. According to his teacher, once he gets to school he does very well in class, has a great time and is happy when I pick him up. The little break that I do get is nice and allows me to get a few things done, however, I am feeling so torn about this situation.

A: Wow, your question is pivotal at this moment in our calendar year and will relate to so many others having similar experiences. The children of the world are also awakening and very few of them can endure the system that we call education as it currently stands. Children are born ready and curious to learn about the world and their desires and interests are unique, just as they are. It is heartbreaking to think that your son leaves you distraught and then manages to conform (stuff his emotional stress) so that he can imitate the non-attachment behaviour of others. This early conditioning is just the beginning of how our culture and society has become so ill adept at living in a state of conscious wellbeing.

As adults we sometimes forget that school may not be the best place to learn anymore, especially in this day and age where so much information is now readily available. Between exploring outdoors, trips to the grocery store, daily house hold activities (food prepping, light housekeeping, organizing, etc.) and the internet which is by far the largest database of knowledge ever created in history as we know it, there is an infinite number of accessible ways to learn and educate.

There is a powerful wave that is in full tsunami mode and that being that traditional schooling is on its way out and homeschooling is on its way in, in a significant way! Hands on learning is by far the easiest and most proficient way of learning. As human Beings, we are experiential learners, it is how we are designed to grow and expand our knowledge, wisdom and love. Memorizing and taking a test to see what one has memorized is not learning, and it’s definitely not inspiring – this methodology did not work when we were children and it does not work today for our children either.

We are natural creators, born to explore and move our bodies in a physical way. Sitting in stillness for any length of time is simply conditioning and counter-intuitive to our nature. Allowing children to stay connected to their natural way of being encourages their creativity and innovation skills. Reading to children from a young age inspires a natural desire to learn, and to learn to read (and there has already been a number of studies that prove this to be an invaluable opportunity for ongoing and lifelong interests).

Many conventional schoolteachers are also becoming aware of the fact that the decreed curriculum that they are told to teach does not encourage critical thinking, rather, it teaches children what to think and not how to think. These schoolteachers are now withdrawing from the traditional education system, incorporating their conventional skills with what they know does work, and, are actively participating in the homeschooling domain with their own children.

If at all possible, consider home schooling your son and perhaps creating a small community of like-minded individuals who are also experiencing a similar situation. A co-op type of environment where other parents are willing to bring their skillsets to the “classroom” and share their knowledge with the children as well as each other. Having other adults in your community to rely on and to share the homeschooling activities will also help to inspire you as well as provide you with the much needed break in your day.

Follow your heart and let your creative energies flow. Your son will help to inspire you so that you can continue to nurture his creativity and growth. After all, he is one of many that are our future! Remember to teach from your heart and learn from the wisdom of your soul.

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