AMA (Ask Me Anything) – What is Happening to Time?

Q: I have noticed lately that time just doesn’t seem to be like it used to be. What I mean by this statement is that lately I have begun to feel like time is collapsing in on itself and that the past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. There are days that feel like an emotional rollercoaster and I’ve had enough of this. Am I imagining this? Can any of this be true?

A: Your question is excellent and timely – grin! Humanity’s perception of time is changing and we are shifting as a collective consciousness from old ways of identifying our world around us to new ways. As Beings that are awakening, we are becoming aware of moving through time, as time is actually motionless.

This shifting of dimensional living is placing many people into challenging situations so that they are faced with the task of releasing what no longer serves them and experiencing evolution of their soul.

We are multi-dimensional Beings of energy and the shift that is taking place now is happening at an accelerated pace. There are many dimensions in which life exists, and we have been living in what was known as the third dimension. The third dimension was primarily energetically composed of inflexibility in thoughts and beliefs, rules, conditions, good vs. bad, and a high degree of analytical ways of living. As of December 21, 2012 (the 12-21-12 story of where the world would come to an end), the portal, or should I say energy point, of third dimensional living came to a conclusion. Any behaviour that continued after that point was simply like an echo, or a failing to notice that there wasn’t any energy to support that behaviour or thinking.

After 12-21-12 there was a steady energetic download that was being given to humanity for a year’s time and on December 31, 2013 (12-31-13) there was a significant re-boot, or re-set that took place so that all of humanity could integrate the downloads into their DNA (biological computers aka physical bodies). Now, people are becoming very aware that “life” is no longer what it used to be like, things don’t work the way they “used” to, beliefs are being explored with many more options available instead of the old third dimensional “either/or” mentalities.

Welcome to the 4th dimensional way of living and soon you will be migrating into the 5th Dimension. The fourth dimension is filled with opportunities of movement in thoughts and beliefs, forgiveness of self and others, and opportunities for self-reflection and inner enquiry leading to healing and transforming. In moving through the fourth dimension you become much more present and understand on all levels that the past, present and future are all taking place at this very moment.

We always have the power of choice of free will, always and all ways. One of the main trademarks for living in the fourth dimension is the awareness of observing, choosing and acting versus the 3rd dimension trademark of simply reacting. The fourth dimension experience brings with it many physical symptoms and some call these symptoms of “ascension” as we are metaphorically moving upwards, increasing our vibrational frequency and awakening through the dimensional shift.

Some of the physical symptoms of experiencing fourth dimensional awakening are memory loss, slight dizziness, tiredness, waking up at strange hours, excessive sleep and then not requiring much sleep at all, foggy thinking, heart racing unexpectedly, tears (lots), sudden emotional outbursts and then the all time favourite “releasing what no longer serves us.”

The fourth dimension is very thick, like a giant membrane that has a significant number of layers within it to help us to ease our way through the fourth to naturally shift into the 5th dimension where there is great peace. We can easily move about this world and others using our light bodies and we can choose to stay in our light bodies or move back and forth between our solid and light forms. At the moment, most of humanity is just beginning to consciously experience the edges of the lower fourth dimension, hence the awakening that is taking place.

When we live in the 5th dimension the experience of duality no longer exists and we are completely living the experience of love of self, love of others, love of the joy and happiness of others and love of all equally (non-attachment). The fifth level is beautiful and there are many levels above this as well, but I won’t get into them right now as a lot of the information that I have received is still very much conceptually abstract and I will need more experience to integrate it and test drive it to be able to explain it in “human” words. I did ask my guides to explain to me what the 6th dimension was like and they lovingly told me that at the moment it would be equivalent of explaining a computer to an ant, so, I will leave it at that for the “time” being.

Understand that most of humanity is consciously unaware that they are going through anything at all, yet they are sensing that something is different. Do your best to stay present, and in-joy the roller coaster ride; it just keeps getting better and better every moment. Honestly, there is no getting off the ride early unless you chose to — and then that would require you coming back and having a re-do and I know you don’t want to do that!!

As humanity’s perception of time collapsing continues to expand, we will recognize that heaven on Earth is already present and it is in the power of this very moment. Remember to take this inner power with you everywhere you go!

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium