AMA (Ask Me Anything) – What Is The Spiritual Purpose of Dementia?

Q: My husband has recently been diagnosed with advanced dementia and now Alzheimer’s disease. I am his “soul” caregiver and I am struggling to come to terms with what is inevitably going to be his outcome. He was a brilliant thinker and gifted musician, yet to see him today, he is a mere shadow of who he used to be. Most days are very challenging for him and myself included, but once in a while he has moments of clarity and seems quite “normal”. Can you expand on what the spiritual purpose of this awful condition could possible be?

A: This is an experience that is essentially a call to Love.

There are many physical correlations as to the physical manifestation of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Many cases are found to be created from exposure to heavy metal toxicity (usually aluminum) that builds up in the physical body. This in turn become deposits, lesion-like onto the brain itself that creates a clogging effect on the neural net pathways. However, there are numerous other situations where the person was not exposed to these toxins, yet still created the outcome of their nervous system slowly deteriorating.

There is a deep desire from the soul for healing and completeness throughout this experience. Alzheimer’s and dementia help to reorder the fundamental personality that the person carried with them in this lifetime so that a new birthing process can take place. This will ultimately lead to soul development, evolution and expansion.

From your perspective it can be emotionally painful to observe the progressive unraveling of the personality of your husband. This now becomes a call to Love for yourself, and a perfect opportunity to practice being gentle with yourself, self-love and self-care. Please be ready to ask and receive assistance from others as this journey for both of you continues to unfold.

Your husband is ultimately teaching you to let go of the past (who he used to be) and to accept him where he is. Try to see this situation through the eyes of Love and understand that you can choose to be supportive of your husband’s transition and transformative experience. Although this may sound unusual, this is his opportunity to receive unconditional Love, as well as an opportunity for you to enter his world wherever he may be at that particular moment. Your husband is viewing the world through the eyes of a child and will soon release his awareness that anything is “wrong” and that everything is “right”. At that point, he will be very much present in the moment and very peaceful – a gift to be cherished.

When Love reveals its self as the natural instinct that it is, you will easily accept and honour your journey as well as that of others.

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium