AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Moments of Doubt

Q: I am so grateful for my life; I am a stay-at-home Mother of two amazing children and we homeschool. We spend our days outdoors in nature, learning, laughing and playing. There are days that I feel totally grateful for my life, and then there are days when I feel unappreciated, totally exhausted, and I begin to question my path. Since I am home full-time with my children, I don’t work outside the home and at times I experience feeling frustrated and financially limited. What should I do in these moments of doubt? How do I know I’ve made the right decision? Can I have the best of both worlds and stay sane?

A:Thank you so much for having the courage to share your most excellent journey and questions!

Your phraseology is magnificent, and I can feel your loving intentions embedded in your experience. You are absolutely on your path and it is natural to feel doubtful, indecisive and overwhelmed at times, after all, you have chosen to undertake the most challenging and currently one of the most unrecognized “vocations” on the planet!

There is no official training for what you have chosen, rather; it is fresh and new adventures every day. As of today’s writing, there is little, if any preparatory, official edification or coaching course work available that can prepare anyone for the level of undertaking that you and many others have bravely stepped up to the challenge for.

What you are doing with your children is a gift from your soul to theirs. As your journey unfolds, any feelings of frustration or doubt about your choices will be alleviated when you observe that you are a teacher, and a student, to and with your children. This is new territory and experiences for you and them every day!

Isaac Asimov who was a prolific writer having written and edited more than 500 books and countless letters said it best when he stated “Self education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

Release all doubt that you have as doubt only serves to hinder your experience. Choose to challenge yourself whenever you find yourself experiencing any doubt or misgivings of your journey and doubt the doubt. Doubt can easily be shifted to a sense of wonder and curiosity rather than maintaining a fixed sense of unease and emotional-intellectual discomfort. It is natural to feel what you feel as there isn’t exactly a crowd at the leading edge of homeschooling, however, there are more and more joining you every day!

Homeschooling is becoming more progressive and common than it was even 5 years ago, let alone 10 or 20 when it was considered plain “weird”, even though the results of homeschooled children were (and still are) astoundingly successful. You are providing your children with the opportunity to be the creators that they naturally are, expressing themselves in “real time”, evolving on all levels, engaging in creative, imaginative and critical thinking processes. Everything takes time to unfold and cycle, so please be easy with yourself, think from your heart and trust in the wisdom of your soul as you continue with what you are doing.

The traditional corporate job arena is replete with yang aspects of performance, drive, achievement and competition, and these attributes are validated, encouraged and rewarded. Whereas the nurturing, creativity, integrity, support, wisdom, Love and 24/7 presence that is required to successfully do what you have chosen to do has all but been ignored, however, this too is shifting as more people gain awareness in their awakening process.

The financial limitations can be discouraging at times, but only if you choose to allow that to be your point of attention. When you weigh the pros and cons of going into the traditional workforce versus staying with your children, I feel that you will quickly realize your answer. Yes, money will buy you and your family more things, but is it more things that are required?

The days that aren’t quite what you had in mind in terms of “sanity” are simply catalysts for your growth as once you have one of “those” days you quickly shift into having days that are spectacular. Our lives’ cycle, and each cycle in and of itself is integral for our growth. A rapid way to ease yourself back into a place of effortlessness is to find something to feel grateful for, even if it’s a thought of gratitude for having the experience itself.

It is interesting that when you are feeling gratitude and joyfulness that any financial limitations are the last thing on your mind, and honestly, true abundance is having what you need when you need it. Choose thoughts and feelings that continue to uplift you and observe your children; they are natural indicators to how quickly an emotion can shift from one flashpoint to another.

Do what you can to facilitate engaging with like-minded souls, as they will provide a support system that will be of benefit to you as well as taking turns exchanging services, ideas, and time with one another.

You are a pioneer creating a pathway that someday your children and other children who are also being homeschooled will say, “When I grow up, I want to homeschool my children!” Your choices are deeply appreciated, admired and respected by more people that you realize. I wouldn’t be surprised to someday see the entire homeschooling concept become part of the “traditional” curriculum study, somewhat akin to the parenting classes that are taught in high schools today.

There is no training for this “career”; rather, this is live, real life, real time – every moment of it. What an amazing journey you have chosen to embark on with your children.

Releasing judging, comparing or criticizing yourself as well as releasing what you think the world expects of you and simply focus your energy on how you are fulfilling your path will bring you much relief. There is a powerful movement afoot, and it is chock-full of Beings that are embracing acceptance of themselves while simultaneously releasing what no longer serves them. Releasing the “other world” (i.e., corporate) that is full of rigid rules and expectations simply serves as an opportunity for you to create expansion of your desires and create an improved situation for yourself.

Keep on keepin’ on! You are shining bright and illuminating the path for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of others – these are beautiful gifts of intuition, originality, trust, courage, wisdom, Love and integrity that you have within you. Shine your gifts with resolution and radiance; after all, you are a magnificent expression of infinite intelligence!

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium