AMA (Ask Me Anything) – Where Is My Soul?

Q: I have wondered about this for a long time and I am hoping that you can shed some light on this. Where in our bodies can we find our soul?

A: Thank you for your question and I am honoured that you have asked!!

The term soul is often times referred to as being the essence of who we are, and, we are all an expression of infinite intelligence. Our soul is an integral part of the whole so to speak.

The dictionary definition of the soul is “the spiritual part of your body that gives life to your body”. However, the dictionary does not indicate a physical location of the soul. I used to think that the soul lived in the heart area, but obviously by getting a heart transplant that wouldn’t necessarily also give you a different soul or make you into another person.

Usually when someone refers to his or her soul, they usually touch their heart area, and this would be more of a metaphor than an actual physical location.

Some ancients believed that the soul resided around the second chakra area – this would be the womb/gonad area (ovaries for women and testes for men) as this is where the physical life force and reproduction comes from.

Some writings (Vedic and otherwise) locate the soul at the base of the brain, and this conclusion was determined through observing the base of the brain as the hub of electrical activity.

Descartes, who was a French philosopher, mathematician and writer (mid 1600’s), felt that the soul was in the pineal gland area as it is in the geometric centre of the brain. Hence, the saying, “the seat of the soul”. The pineal gland is also located directly in behind the eyes and correlates to the biblical saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul”.

I feel that we are an extension of Source energy, and that extension is our soul, which is the reflective energy that is housed in our entire physical body. Our body is the vehicle, the instrument through which the soul experiences itself and expands. The human body has a developed mind and in its current physical existence, it can experience and review its actions if it so chooses (activating the power and Universal Law of free will/choice).

All in all, I feel that the soul is present and located by pinpointing our thoughts and desires. Attention (soul) goes where energy flows. Our soul is the breath of life; our soul is an essence just as the scent from a rose cannot be held in our hands, but its essence can be detected. The same would apply for the emotion of Love – it too can be felt and detected but not held in our hands.

I hope that this answers your soulful question, and in the meantime, let the wisdom of your soul guide you throughout your journey!

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