AMA (Ask Me Anything) – The Life Path of Animals

Q: I seem always to be hearing on the news or reading in the newspapers of animals being hurt or abused my humans. Why do animals have to suffer? Why does this happen?

A: Whenever there is suffering of any sentient Being, it is felt by the whole of awareness and the same would also apply when there is great healing, compassion and Love being experienced. Everything and all experiences affect everything – we are all connected and from the same Source energy.

Let’s start first with domesticated animals. They often times will take on the physical illnesses and/or mental-emotional states of their owners. The purpose for this is to optimize their owner’s health by removing the energetic imprint of illnesses or stress. The animals become like a psychic sponge absorbing and neutralizing all lower vibrational set-points and energies. Most pets will express an area of concern for their human companion’s health by manifesting a physical illness in order to rid themselves of the accumulation of toxic energies.

Animals that are less intimately bonded to us are simply at the mercy of our physical and emotional states by being in mere proximity to us. Those that become slaughtered for meat absorb the lack of awareness of human minds that think they can only survive only at the expense of other souls. Animals in laboratories suffer in response to a society that suffers so badly that it believes that the way to health is through the torture of innocent creatures.

As St. John Of The Cross once said, “The endurance of darkness is the preparation for great”. In other words, where there is darkness and obliviousness there will be light and awareness brought to a situation or experience.

Animals are warriors, love warriors. Animals are very highly evolved and are here to teach us the path of balance and nature. I once heard that dogs in particular, are the reincarnation of souls of monks that didn’t quite make it at the monastery!

Suffering is suffering, and love is love, and we cannot wipe out human suffering without addressing the suffering of all sentient Beings. The person who would brutalize an innocent animal, is the same person who would brutalize his or her partner or child. And, the person who would engage with any form of brutality is so despondent and wounded on the inside that they are reflecting this inner pain outside of themselves.

Any place that suffering can be addressed is a good place to focus your compassion and love.

As odd as this may sound, there is a quality of suffering that influences the highest good – suffering which brings into activity three great principles of spiritual growth – Devotion, Courage, and Love.

Personally, I can no longer tolerate “the news” and I have made a conscious choice to disengage from it altogether. At first it felt very strange to not be reading a newspaper or watching the tell-a-vision or listening to the radio in the car but the process has been worth it. You see, the Divine always has everything in order and if there is something that I am supposed to be made aware of, it will be brought to my attention.

The day that there is a TV news channel established that ONLY presents uplifting work, inspirational speakers, encouraging stories of great transformation, authentic healing and supportive “news”, then I will tune in! In the meantime, I selectively choose what I read, watch (on the internet) and listen to, and I feel wonderful for it.

I would highly recommend turning your focus on thoughts that are pleasing to you as you are a powerful creator! Consider now that you recognize the animal and human’s role of interrelating with one another, you can see how it is a karmic wheel of lessons, growth and understandings. All Beings that behave in any way other than expressing love and compassion are simply unaware of their true magnificence and are not functioning with consciousness.

It was explained to me a long time ago that our soul is experiencing everything – recording every thought, emotion, intention, and action. Upon our transitioning experience back to Source energy, we will have a soul review that encompasses a complete awareness about our activities as well as the experience of the other Beings’ experience – a double whammy so to speak. There are no man made laws that could trump the outgrowths of a soul review; that is something that is designed with love by Source for soul growth and soul awareness.

Leaving you with Love and serenity.

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Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium