That Blue Moon Thingy

I had no idea of the energetic intensity that this recent full moon that was also a blue moon was going to bring into my life. Apparently with a full moon it’s always a good time to clear out your shift and let go of anything that isn’t serving you, but, with a blue moon, well let’s just say that shift happens at warp speed.

It started with me looking for a pair of shoes in the hall closet, and the Christmas wrapping paper rolls that I had stashed up high on the shelf came tumbling down and landed on my head. So, seeing that there was shift hiding up there, and I was responsible for it, I threw it out (here’s hoping no one is expecting their gifts to be wrapped this year). Anyhow, I did eventually find my shoes after getting together a pile of shift to throw out along with the wrapping paper.

Later on that day, my mother called me asking if I still had her mother’s old-fashioned cast iron meat grinder that attaches to the kitchen counter. So I went looking for this in my bedroom closet (like where else would anyone keep this). I found it, but not until I had to thrash my way through waist high shift. Okay, maybe it wasn’t quite waist high, but you get the picture.

Going through my closet shift led me to taking bags full of shift to the thrift-shift store, where I left my shift and resisted the urge to bring more shift bring back home. I seriously thought I had gotten rid of all of my shift, but I must confess, I am still finding shift piles.

This mega blue moon thingy is happening to and for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, and it was the next morning that I really started to grasp the significance of the moon’s impact…

I was awakened very early to thumping footsteps and loud voices above my head. I almost shift the bed. I laid there with my eyes closed for a while trying to make sense of what I was hearing and then took a quick peek over at my closet to make sure that I hadn’t opened up some kind of blue moon vortex thingy to another dimension. I glimpsed over to the angels on my dresser to make sure that maybe they weren’t in full flight stars wars battle mode. The thought did cross my mind that maybe the mother shift had finally arrived, and I was at last going to be beamed up.

Then I saw a post-it note that my husband had left on the alarm clock that said, “Roofers today”. They had arrived a full month ahead of schedule.

Apparently this blue moon thingy is catching many of us by surprise in getting us to stop, look around, and look at the big picture (and having the roof unexpectedly removed will do that thank you very much). We are meant to slow down, observe rather than absorb, notice situations that we’ve not paid attention to like we needed to, check in with what we’ve been putting off, and most of all getting in and getting our shift done.

The energies are flying high right now, and we are being given another opportunity to release, heal and transform, and undergo any changes that are necessary (because it will happen for you regardless from shoes to shingles).

The rainstorms that recently came through washed everything clean for new beginnings. And, on an energetic level, I felt a powerful shift take place. New beginnings always follow epic endings with the treasured lessons of shining the light of truth deep into your heart, choosing what is best for you, staying present in this moment and feeling the empowerment of that blue moon thingy.

Remember, life is going to continually remind you and inspire you to imagine that you’ve already received what you are asking for. Go with the flow of the energies, trust in the process and let it happen exactly as planned, after all, the greatest truths and power lie within you.

Sending you big blue moon thingy Love!

“We all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.” – John Lennon

“Goodnight room, goodnight moon, goodnight cow jumping over the moon.” Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon

“Once in a blue moon someone comes along that you’ll never forget.” – Unknown

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium