The Waves Are Coming In

When I was a little girl, I used to have a recurring dream of standing on a beach and observing the waves that were coming into the shoreline. It was a regular beach with regular waves, yet in the dream I would spot a wave that was gaining in height and momentum, more so than the other waves. Eventually, the wave that I spotted would become a tidal wave and change into a different colour than the rest of the body of water that it was a part of. Now I understand what that dream was about… the waves are coming in!

There are various waves of human energies that are present in the physical earth realm at this time, and each wave has a very specific role to play in the whole ocean of things.

The waves are akin to magnificent colours that are washing the earth realm with gifts of healing on all levels. We are these waves, and we are all being activated to awaken above the veil of unconsciousness; to initiate our compassion and our healing gifts to be brought out to the world.

It is time to take a good look at ourselves, Eye to I, and see where we are going and what inner gifts we have with us to bring out to the world. There are powerful waves of gifted healers, becoming of service to others and awakening to their inner truths – so very exciting!

Not all waves will activate their truth or will awaken in this physical lifetime, so be it. They were not designed to awaken; rather, their role is to be of service to you in your awakening. Think of the unawakened as a catalyst for your soul growth as the unawakened are going to be your most powerful teachers in this lifetime.

Send the unawakened waves in your life experience deep gratitude, compassion and Love, for they are playing their roles effectively for your soul growth and expansion. They too are the essence of pure Love, and when you can see them for their essence and not their social conditioning, you expand in consciousness and Love.

The Blue Ray wave (also known as the world-changer wave) came into this world as one very long wave, slow moving tsunami – powerful, steady and creating change everywhere that it washed over. This wave of Beings came forth in the late 1920’s right on through to the mid 1960’s.

This wave was challenged, as it was here to remove obstacles and create changes and transformations. The Beings of this wave were (and are) very sensitive, intuitive, artistic, and spiritually aware of their purpose and creating powerful shifts in this world. Most of the Blue Ray waves had to learn to hide their inner gifts and stay in the background watching and observing until they could more easily be accepted and assimilated by the world around them. Also, most of this wave came into the world with un-enlightened parents and caregivers, as this was part of their role as world-changers.

The next energy wave arrived around the mid-1960’s through to the mid-1980’s and was called the Indigo Ray. This energy wave was also very powerful and knew that it would carry the momentum forward from the Blue Rays in creating more changes, breaking any proverbial molds with their intellect, astuteness, clarity and creativity. This wave always asked “Why?” and created changes by rejecting most traditions and society’s expectations. With their profound empathy for others, their quest for knowledge, balance and social justices, combined with powerful healing and innovative energies, they are still creating what they came here to do.

The next beautiful energy wave that came rushing in was the Crystal Ray. This wave came into this world and brought with it about 20 years of clarity, direction and transformation between the mid-1980’s and 2010’s. The Crystal Ray wave of Beings are truly accepting and gentle souls and remind us to connect to our original Source while bringing peace and harmony wherever they go. They have taken their wave of empathy, compassion, creativity, forgiveness, healing abilities, being of service to others and leading edge creativity, to a whole other level of awakening.

And now, the magnificent energy wave of the Rainbow Rays are arriving. This wave of Beings are a combination and blending of all the previous waves, and they are very determined to clean up whatever has been left over from the previous energy rays and waves that have come through. This wave means business!

The Rainbow Ray wave’s main characteristics will be noted as being extremely strong willed; they already know why they are here, and, what they are doing. Any left over dogmatic, inflexible or dictatorial ways of living will be washed over and energetically cleansed and released. The Rainbow Rays are full of high energy, enthusiasm, excitement, joy and Love. They are here for all of humanity, and they will courageously be expressing themselves. Now is the perfect time to embrace them, support them and in-courage this wave to continue with its powerful healing abilities, telepathic skills, Love, understanding and sensitivity – we’re ready.

Bask in these magnificent rays of truth and surf the waves of wisdom!

“The strongest of the strong ever to arrive on planet earth are here.” – Little Grandmother

“I am not afraid. I was born for this.” – Joan of Arc

“The Warriors of the Rainbow would show the people that The Great Spirit is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make the Earth beautiful again.” – Cree Prophecy

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium