Shifts Ahoy!

I’m laughing as I sit here writing this and the more I laugh, the more I feel a shift-in-my-pants moment happening.

I’ve been consistently doing the work to become the desired result of living shift free. This involves working towards living a life that is free of any shift. And, in the process, I have been developing the use of my true authentic self.

Now, you may be wondering just how on earth does one go about developing one’s true authentic self – me too, I wondered how this was all going to happen, so I just let myself be taken along with the shift of life to see where it would take me.

Many times, I found myself repeating experiences that I thought I had shifted through, only to find that I had been resisting it. I now understand that things can be very different as long as I continue to focus on what I am feeling and thinking, rather than worrying about what others may or may not be feeling and thinking. This was a big shift for me, as I am always looking for ways to serve others. I had to recognize that I needed to create time to take a shift and increase my personal self-love and self-care. Staying aware of my shift helped to bring me deep healing in my heart instead of adding stress and any other shifts that were never mine to deal with in the first place.

Something that I realized is that we all came into this world authentic and fully engaged with love and our natural creative abilities. We are living in a world that is awakening with Beings that are healers, inventors, writers, artists, musicians, caregivers, and the list is endless.

To engage with our authentic self, we must peel away the layers of social conditioning that were given to us as we explored our journey. Much like wallpaper, we have been wallpapered over with beliefs that do not belong to us. As we strip away the layers we become authentic in our life purpose of freedom and joy.

Do the things that you can do to the best of your ability and let the universe take care of the rest.

There is no one available to be on top of your game; that is your job. No one is going to come along and ask you “Hey, are you doing your shift?” or “Are you cleaning up your shift when you are given the opportunities”, or “Did you just create more shift for yourself?”

If you are busy staying distracted, then you are missing the introductions to expand into your pure potential.

Be honest about being available to taking a shift, it’s worth every moment that you experience living life authentically, without carrying any energetic wounds around with you. Remember throughout your journey, that the authentic self is divinely perfect, it is so perfect that even when it appears to be anything less than that, it is still perfect.

We are in the midst of a cycle of shifts, conclusions, and breakthroughs. Let’s take a collective shift and let our true authentic self lead the way.

Shifts Ahoy Mateys!

“To be in the company of those who seek the truth is to be in the company of holiness.” – Mooji

“The only way our society will truly transform is when we have the courage and commitment to claim our power and transform ourselves.” – Saums

“Thoughts are not the problem… it’s the thing that goes out and grabs them and makes them ‘yours’ that’s the problem.” – Jack O’keeffe

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium