Well, it’s true, the zombie stuff has started, and I think I may be leading the crowd on this one. Now, before you run and get your collection of melee weapons, pitchforks, WeedWackers, and flamethrowers while you contemplate the possibility of having to engage in any zombie combat, I want you to know that I haven’t bitten anyone, yet.

I was talking with my son while we were emptying the dishwasher the other day and he said “Mom, why are all the dishes covered in a white film?” and that’s when I remembered that I had placed my candle holders in there to be washed, but obviously, I forgot to check for candles … sigh, don’t do this, it makes a mess! Then, he said to me, “Mom, are you okay? You’re kinda doing weird things lately, like more than usual”. I said, “Oh sweetheart, it’s okay, I think I’ve got a case of in-zombia.”

You see, over the past few weeks I have been experiencing some of the most intense energy shiftings ever, and it’s affecting my ability to get some uninterrupted sleep. So much so, that I fall into bed in a state of near delirium from fatigue only to wake up once I’m in bed. Finally, after lying there and counting every breath I breathe and sharing gratitude for every experience that I’ve ever encountered in this lifetime and potential millenniums to come, I eventually drift off to sleep. Just when my mind and body are barely getting recharged, I wake up again only to look at the clock and see that it’s now somewhere between 2:00 am and 4:00 am, again. I say again because it’s pretty much happening like “clockwork.”

So, I decided to call bullshift on this whole experience and asked my guides what’s going on. They shared with me that we are on an individual and collective level, responding to a powerful energy shift that is coming through to our awareness.

“Well, that’s all fine and dandy,” I said to my guides, “but when do I get to have uninterrupted sleep again other than just walking into a wall and falling unconscious.” They said it would be over soon but that the rest of the month is going to be a bit turbulent, so I thought I’d let you know just in case you are also experiencing this.

My guides also explained to me that we are creating powerful etheric connections during our sleep stages and that the wake ups are kind of like a break in the downloads of information that we are receiving.

Apparently, when we are first connecting energetically, it’s always easier to do this in the early hours, and, after the connection is made, and we become practiced at it, we’ll find that we are no longer woken up.

We are all being transmitted understandings that aren’t relevant at this moment, but will be later on, so that when the time is right, we will have the knowledge within us activated so that we can be of even greater service to others. The downloads that we are receiving are going to be needed in our very near future, and we will be drawing upon this knowledge as our physical world continues to transform around us. Our spiritual knowing and heart wisdom energy will become a natural part of our waking hours.

Please understand that the physical experience of feeling so fatigued is a direct result of our energy fields processing and releasing left over earthbound programming and conditioning so that we can experience the new; keep your heart open with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

On a collective level, we are being given the opportunity to stand in both the past and present simultaneously, and sift through what is serving us and what we need to release. Imagine straddling the edge of the dock and the edge of a boat and you can know how much energy it takes to stay present and balanced. This is also about releasing the need to be loved by others and instead seeking to truly love our self. When we take responsibility for our life experiences, we re-discover our own power.

When you experience feeling soul tired, know that you must rest when you can, practice presence, and know in your heart that this too shall pass.

Wishing you soul-sweet dreams!

“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

“Be – don’t try to become.” – Osho

“Be gentle with yourself as we move through these intense and energetic times. You are meeting parts of yourself you’ve been at war with, and you’re emerging into someone new.” – Tiffany Stiles

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium