Bring Joy With You

The other day I was waiting for the light to change so that I could merge onto the highway; I looked over to where the on-ramp was and realized that all the traffic was at a complete standstill.   The thought of arriving at my destination late (again) and the feeling of annoyance (again) at the whole situation overwhelmed me.

Well, I got into a full-blown conversation with myself (yes, out loud) about the situation, and all I can say is that I am so glad that most cars are now equipped with cell phone connections directly to the car speakers. I no longer look like I’m talking to myself (or my invisible friends) as anyone observing me would hopefully assume that I’m having a phone conversation.

Anyhow, while I was looking at all the traffic, I said: “Shift, I’ll be lucky to get there tomorrow by the looks of this!” And then I felt my guides very close to me (they place a gentle tingling sensation all around my temples and a cozy soft blanket feeling around my body). I heard them say to me “Bring joy with you,” and I said out loud to them “Are you kidding me, the traffic’s at a standstill, and I’ll be late again! You clearly have not seen the traffic jam! Open your spiritual eyes and see what I’m seeing!” Again they said to me “Bring joy with you, ” and then the light changed and I had to make my way onto the ramp to the jam-packed-get-me-outta-here-traffic-filled-highway.

I burst out laughing at the craziness of the whole situation; me ranting about the traffic and simultaneously having soft wisdom-words being whispered to me. Just for fun (because I didn’t have anything left to lose by this point), I decided to change my attitude from feelings of frustration to acceptance, co-operation, trust, and yes, bringing joy with me.

What happened next was something out of a movie – at the exact moment where I was to merge with the traffic, the cars all started to move! Slowly at first, but then gradually it gained momentum, and in not more than 90 seconds the entire traffic jam was moving along at regular speed. Who knew that just bringing the thought of joy would make such a change not only to my inner experience but also to my outer experience.

Something always has to take place first in our inner world that will reflect an event that is happening in our outer world. The something always starts with a thought, as our thoughts are like the film for a movie, and our brain is the projector. Our thoughts control our physical reality and what we experience in the physical world is the screen that the film for the movie is being projected upon. If you do not like what you see, change the way you think (bring Joy with you) and get ready for epic changes to take place.

Take control of your thoughts and actions, so no one and nothing else does. Energy follows thought and how you perceive your reality. The world around you can be shouting, “the sky is falling” and if you have activated the power of joy and awareness within you, you will quickly re-shape your experience.

If I had held my thoughts of “look at all the traffic” I would have given my creative energy to what was already happening. In staying present with the clarity of a quiet (joy-filled) mind, there was room for whatever else might also be possible.

We are in a powerful stage of transition right now, and changes (some on an epic level) are happening. Hold the vision of what you want and trust in the process, it’s never over.

We live in a world of unlimited potential and possibilities and becoming a match to what we want, rather than what we don’t want, is the quickest way to manifesting our best life ever.

Not everyone will understand the creative joy-full power that resides within them. Some people are spiritually asleep; do not attempt to awaken them, as this will most likely push them further into their sleep state.

Joy is a forever partner that is bonded to Love, gratitude, compassion, harmony, understanding, appreciation, kindness, serenity, gentleness in thoughts, words and actions, tranquility, wisdom, and grace.

To change the world around us, we must first change the world within us. Sometimes the changes are profound, and other times, not so much so, but regardless, change is a process that is infinite and unlimited; inspire the world around you by bringing joy everywhere you go.

By taking responsibility for one’s spiritual awakening and transformation of self, you are directly impacting humanity’s awakening. Your personal evolution is needed for the world to change.

Do whatever you need to do to find the positive aspects that are presently available, and your life will begin to shift in progressive and encouraging ways.

Remember to bring Joy with you – Joy is Power!

“Our greatest contribution to humanity is our awakening. It is to literally leave the state of consciousness that the mass of humanity is in and discover the truth of our being.” – Adyashanti

“Life is an incredible curriculum in which we live richly and passionately as a way of awakening to the deepest truths of our being.” – Ram Dass

“All the ups and downs are grace in different wrappings sent to refine consciousness. Say thanks to them all.” – Mooji


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium