All Aboard!!

Well, I’ve been procrastinating about sharing this dreamscape vision that I had exactly six months ago, so much so, that I think I may receive the award for procrastinating about procrastinating. Sigh…

When I initially I had this dreamscape vision, I woke up and wrote it down as I usually do, but this one was just so vivid that it made me think about it for quite some time. Christmas came and went, and here we are almost into summer, and I woke up this morning with the dreamscape vision again! I even checked my dream journal, and sure enough, it was a replay, every moment of it, so here goes.

We are in a different world now, and many beautiful Beings are recognizing this. Our energies, worldviews, and understandings have shifted. What was at one time believed to be truths that we were socially conditioned to believe, is now being revealed for what it is.

This powerful shift in awareness is assisting us in creating the world that we chose to come forth and experience, akin to bringing heaven to earth. And, honestly, heaven is a state of be-ing, not a location. When we live our lives authentically and from our heart centers, soul-passion, creativity, empathy, compassion, and service to others, joy and Love become our destinations, as life is simply the journey.

So, onto my dreamscape visions that were so powerful it left me viscerally aware that it was time to share and release procrastinating (and I must admit that I have been prodded from my guides repeatedly over the past six months because if I see another train or a flyer for taking the train, well, I’m digressing).

There was a beautiful train station that looked like the one in the Polar Express movie, and the fascinating part was that as more and more people started to come into the station to wait for the train, the platform would keep on expanding so that everyone would be comfortably accommodated. The people that came had one little carry-on bag with them and they were Soul-happy to be there. They all shared that they had felt changes were happening in their lives and that they were ready for new beginnings, new ways of living their lives, and willing to take the journey of harmony, authenticity, and peacefulness.

Although there had been many delays with the train arriving at the station, let alone leaving, it was for a higher purpose ~ providing more opportunities so that others would awaken, move through the veils of illusions and come to the station.

If you feel that there have been any delays happening in your personal life, this may have been a part of what was taking place for you. Also, if you have been experiencing feeling that you are in another world at times, and have little in common with those that you used to, well, you too are most likely on the train. Personally, I’ve observed quite a few people that seem to be very far away, even though they are standing right in front of me (I know this sounds a bit unusual, but it’s as if their energy field is drifting away and beginning to fade).

Anyhow, once on board the train, (that was an epically beautiful train, with plush seating, twinkling crystal chandeliers for lighting, soft muted colours that were from another world (I’ve never seen these colours before), smiling and content attendants helping people to get settled in), there was a powerful presence of authenticity, grace and tranquility that was void of any doubts or distractions or confusion.

Everyone was prepared to be on board, and a collective and grateful sigh of relief was unmistakable. The train was finally beginning to move, slowly, as there were still the occasional last minute passengers that were arriving, being welcomed and ready to step on board and experience their true callings.

The carry on bags were now being opened and inside of them were what I’d call orbs filled with magical lights and sounds, and these orbs were people’s gifts that they were finally activating. These gifts are everyone’s natural calling that they feel in their heart, as they initially brought these gifts into the earth realm when they came here.

As Beings of energy, the profound awareness that we’ve always carried within us, are the creative tools that we need to heal ourselves and subsequently others (as we heal, others around us naturally heal). This awareness is our direct line of communication with our Soul. When our intentions, thoughts, words and behaviours are in alignment with our truth (Soul’s vision), we know this instantaneously by the way we feel, which is typically feelings of harmony, gratitude, personal power, joy, Grace, compassion, and Love.

It was an exciting time on board the train! People recognized their gifts of healing, Soul-truths, creative expressions, abundance, and most of all, realized that they are awakened, as their past was simply the experience of remembering how it all happened.

Our Souls are always whispering truths, and it is these truths that we are now collectively and individually listening to.

Stay present in your authenticity, as it is your life’s journeys, experiences, insights, and understandings that change you to becoming a way-shower for others.

Let’s get seats beside each other on the train!!

“Forces of light on earth shall overcome the forces of darkness. Complete spiritual enlightenment on earth will occur.”  – Edgar Cayce

“You didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it.” – The Oracle, The Matrix

“The most important thing in life is to wake up to who you truly are. You are not merely a personal being. You are the living spirit of Truth.” – Mooji


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium