It’s Hammer Time

Last week I went looking for a nail to hang a picture, which led me on a bit of a wild goose chase. I checked the junk drawers in the kitchen (that I had already de-shifted) and there were two measuring tapes, but no nail. So, I checked the junk drawers in the laundry room (that had also been de-shifted), and there were three hammers, but no nail for a picture. Then, the only other place where nails could be found was the fruit cellar.

I know, you’re probably wondering how or why I would ever find a picture-hanging nail in my fruit cellar, and I agree because I also wondered the same thing. Anyhow, when I got into the fruit cellar (that by the way has no fruit), I found 4 more hammers, 23 pliers, 47 various screwdrivers, fireworks, a cordless phone with no base (no wonder I don’t hear the phone ringing), a scary looking fish tackle hooky thing that might be useful for catching whales, at least a few million different screws and tie-wraps, and, of course, no nail to hang a picture.

Well, just when I figured I had my shift together, I lost it.

Somehow, my fruit cellar had become the fertile breeding grounds where Home Depot mated with Canadian Tire and spawned Rona. This is probably the best visual for what I was dealing with, so yes, it was an epic shift storm that had been brewing for over a decade that needed my attention.

I vowed to myself that the shift in there had to go, and I asked the universe to get on my request to assist in making this happen sooner than later. Then, I took a deep breath, got myself calm and grounded, and walked back upstairs to hear my husband on his cell phone finishing a conversation that involved him going away for a last minute golf trip.

Can you say hello heaven?!?!?!

I did my very best to not burst into a spontaneous tap-dancing unicorn with rainbows coming out its bum and calmly said, “Oh, you’re going to have such a fun time away.”

The next day after I teary-eyed (ok not) waved goodbye to my golfing husband, I called the come-and-get-my-shift-outta-here-people and arranged a pick up for the following afternoon.

That is when my shift-show started getting real.

I emptied out the entire contents of the fruit cellar except for the spare fridge and freezer (it’s okay to have two of those), and the whole time I could hear MC Hammer singing in my husband’s voice “Can’t touch this” and “My-my-my-my” and “Oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh”. It was like the song was on replay in my head, and it wasn’t too long, and I was starting to sing it out loud – I was totally into the tune, and I was ad-libbing by adding in lots of random “Wow-Wow-Wow and Wow.”

About that time my son came downstairs and said “Mom, are you in there? Mom, are you okay? Mom, what happened? Mom? Mom? Mom?”

I climbed out of the trenches of the fruit cellar, covered in layers of spider webs, stubs of electrical tape, my glasses half falling off my face and probably looking fairly delirious by this point and I said, “It’s hammer time.” He looked a little worried and said, “You’re doing it again aren’t you.”

Well, yes, I was doing it again, and once I sorted through everything (for days, okay about six hours) and made piles of keep it and mostly toss it, of which there still wasn’t a picture hanging nail to be found, it was time to bring the piles of shift up to the garage. And, that is where I discovered the nesting quarters of Rona’s twin, Wal-Mart.

A fine selection of mouse-eaten old pool toys, golfing umbrellas, baseball gloves, burnt out fluorescent lights, more tie-wraps, skateboards, two brooms with no bristles, my once upon a time favorite winter hat, a broken three-legged chair (that was a good one to hang onto), empty planters sprouting bird seed remnants, four more hammers (I know, sigh…), the old vacuum, and, a sledgehammer from a garage sale that still had the $10.00 price tag on it. Needless to say, I had to call the come-and-get-my-shift-outta-here-people and confess that the 15 or so garbage bags that I thought I was going to have ready for them, had grown into a full-fledged mini mountain of shift.

What an epic day this turned out to be, and, I realized that we live in a world of abundance that is beyond our awareness!!

True abundance is the overflowing treasure of Divine energy that is all around us at all times. Having what you need when you need it is true abundance (ahem, as in a nail to hang a picture).

According to the Universal Law of Abundance, we must be willing to become aware of where we focus our attention and what we believe to be true. Abundance has no limits and can best be understood by looking at the continual growth and unlimited resources that are always present and available.

When our living spaces, be it physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual are cluttered with shift, then we cannot possibly be open to accessing the abundance, freedom and creative energies that are available for us. If you do not take the time to consciously release ALL shift that is not serving you, then the universe will step in and create an awareness that you’ve got some shift to do.

After expressing my gratitude to the gentlemen that arrived with their huge truck to happily remove my shift had driven off into the sunset, I walked back along the walkway towards my front door. As I was placing my hand on the door handle to open it, I noticed a scuffed plastic container that had fallen out of one of the bags that was carried up from the fruit cellar to the garage. The label was mostly torn off, and I was almost going to throw it out, but I decided to shake it and then open it. When I opened it, inside were brand new golden coloured nails that were perfect for hanging my picture.

May your awareness of abundance always be on your doorstep!

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” – Wayne Dyer

“Miracles are not the exception to the rule. They are the natural true order of things.” – Bashar

“Abundance is imagination realized. Scarcity is amnesia about imagination.” – Jon Rappoport


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium