Owning My Shift

Apparently, between a full moon that’s come and gone, some planets rolling in and out of alignment, and Mars having gone direct, although I’m not too sure where it has directly gone off to, I’m thinking these have to be good things right?!

A few days ago, I woke up feeling like I had been covered up with a cranky-blanket; I was tired and had too much shift to do.

I was in the kitchen getting a few things ready and I noticed that my husband had left the paper towel dispenser dangling with one paper towel left (yes, this is just like the toilet paper refill wars that many people go through in their homes). Anyhow, my husband was sitting at the table having his morning coffee, and I said to him “please refill the paper towel holder” to which he replied, “I don’t know where the paper towels are kept.” And, this, my beloved friends, is when I lost my shift that became the shift-storm of all shift-storms.

I said to my husband “You are doomed! You are doomed beyond doomed!! If you have not noticed in all the years of living here where the paper towels are kept, then you deserve to have a space station fall out of the sky and land on your head. You are dooooooomed!!!!”

And then, I stomped around a lot (for special effects), picked up my purse and stomp-walked out the door to head off to the grocery store, except once I got out to the car, I realized I forgot my car keys and had to go stomp-walking back in the house and see my “doomed” husband still sitting at the kitchen table wondering about the falling space station.

Would it be any surprise that things were going to get shiftier as the day went on?

Well, I will tell you, that noooo, it was not a surprise, and this is what happened.

I arrived at the store after being in a near-miss collision along the way, and when I got out of the car, I was chased down in the parking lot by mutant-angry-bees.

At the grocery checkout, I placed all my foodstuffs on the conveyor belt, and the belt stopped working, so I had to take everything off the belt and go to another checkout.

And of course, when I got back out to the car, there were even more mutant-angry-bees gathering up to gang-stalk me. I didn’t quite get all the groceries into my car when they decided to attack.

I was running away from them in the parking lot, and when I finally got back into my car, I realized that the mutant-angry-bee-gang-stalking-leader was now IN my car.

I jumped back out of the car, and it continued to follow me.

Finally, I escaped back to my car, locked the doors (like this would somehow keep the mutant-angry-bees out), and I said (ok sort of screamed), “Make it stop!”   And that’s when I realized that my purse was still out in the parking lot sitting in the abandoned grocery cart staring at me.

So there I was, sitting in my car, all sweaty, yelling at no one in particular, looking like I just walked on stage to star in my very own scariest shift-show, when the shift that really needed to be owned, reviewed and released came into my awareness.

The word “unsupported” was rebounding in my head, and I knew this word was untrue, yet I was attracting everything to confirm the inner thought-frequency that was being activated.

I got back out of the car, smacked my shin-bone off the grocery cart as I retrieved my purse, walked right on past the mutant-angry-bees forming their next attack, and then said to myself, “Let this all go; this is all coming to the surface in this dramatic way because it needs to be released.”

I started my car and sat there for a few minutes and allowed my shift to happen (thankfully I have tinted windows because I wouldn’t have wanted to see me, let alone anyone else).

I recognized the mess that I was creating, but do you think I liked what I felt and saw – nope, no way, nadda, zip – I had created an epic shift-my-pants situation, and I wanted it over and done with immediately.

The only way that I could think of to bring this situation to a resolution was to quiet my mind, focus on my breathing, and allow what needed to come into my awareness to do so.

The feeling that I was processing was attached to thought patterns and beliefs that were never mine in the first place ~ I had assimilated them throughout various life experiences. I made the conscious choice to allow these outdated thoughts to flow through and away from me, and to be returned back to wherever they came from.

Now that the shift-storm passed, gratitude and presence could be experienced. When I got back home, my husband had magically found the paper towel stash so that he would no longer be doomed to encountering a crashing space station.

I had to own my shift, really I did, because in owning it, I was able to review it, release it and heal any residual imprinted energy patterns that were surfacing.  I knew in my heart that in owning all of it (not blaming), I could nourish my future Soul-growth.

Nothing in this universe happens by chance. There is always a higher purpose behind every little thing that happens to us, and for us; never forget this.

Everything is an invitation to bring awareness to whatever is taking place in our life at that moment. We are all on the leading edge of our life experiences, complete with exclusive opportunities to expand our consciousness, ground ourselves, get real, get messy, and get ready for whatever else may come our way.

Most of us are still catching up to who we truly are; be okay with it, as it will all unfold in perfect timing.

“I asked the mushroom once about the social chaos at the end of history, and the mushroom said: No worry, bro. This is what it’s like when a species departs for hyperspace. There’s a little shimmy in the landing zone as we take off.” ~ Terence McKenna

“Everything changes when we identify with being the witness to the story, instead of the actor in it.” ~ Ram Dass

“We don’t have to attach so much meaning to what arises, and we also don’t have to identify with our emotions so strongly. All we need to do is allow ourselves to experience the energy, and in time it will move through you.” ~ Pema Chödrön


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium