Flying Sea Turtles

I once read that scientists had determined that since we spend approximately 20 years of our life sleeping and experiencing dreamscapes, that our dreamscapes can be considered an alternate reality.

And, this is how my alternate reality unfolded this morning …

I was standing in my backyard, looking up to the sky when I saw a flock of sea turtles coming in for a landing. There were at least 80 of them, and as large of a creature that they are, they all managed to quietly and comfortably settle in on the grass, with room to spare between them.

While watching these magnificent creatures gracefully land, I became aware of two things. First, that I was receiving an imprinted download that was full of metaphors for where I was at in my other reality, and second (or maybe this should be first), I had to get up and go pee.

As I was getting back into bed, my husband rolled over, and I said to him, “remind me to tell you about the flying sea turtles in the backyard.” I can tell he’s always very impressed with my middle of the night visions and insights by the way he rolls over, relaxes further into his pillow and starts snoring. Sigh …

In my vision-dreamscape reality, all conversations are downloads, and telepathic, and the impressions I receive are usually metaphoric, and sometimes they are literal (it depends on the “feel” of them). Anyhow, I was so excited about this particular dreamscape, as it held a lot of significance for me in and where I’m presently at in my life.

Sea turtles are reminders that they are the keepers of universal wisdom and messengers about the life we are living. They also provide us with a link to the unknown as they naturally move with the invisible currents and flows of life, and are always at home, wherever they go. Most importantly, they reflect to us when it is time just to be, slow down, allow what needs to be allowed, and that with gentle perseverance, all will be completed in perfect timing.

They also help us to recollect that all we need to know is being revealed in perfect timing, and all intervals and pauses are valuable as an integral part of the journey. We are always at the right place at the right time, always.

These beautiful creatures symbolize profound wisdom, longevity, and are perfect for reminding us to continue with being patient and progressing at a steady pace rather than getting caught up in the busyness of life.

They have a solid outer shell but are softies inside, and, it is their shell that is their sacred shield (just like our energy fields) that keeps them forever protected and whole.

Resting is essential now, especially at this time of year, and learning to wait patiently until a clear path or direction is shown.

We’re in exciting times, and when our hearts and minds are open, the hints, lessons, and insights along the pathways of our journeys will be revealed for us, in one way or another.

Anything that is asleep within us that resides in our unconscious “unawareness” will sooner than later be placed in the light of consciousness “awareness”.

The you-niverse will always set up experiences that require us to re-view and re-think all that has transpired. And, as we ponder the past, we are being given the opportunities to re-imagine and re-shape our future.

Remember, you had a purpose when you came into this earth realm; let it align with you, take your time, proceed at your own magnificent pace whatever it may be, and know that you’ll never have to chase it.

Make the most of these energies, in-joy your dreamscapes, align with what resonates with you, and ride the currents to new experiences!

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” ~ Banksy

“Constant, slow movement teaches us to keep working like a small creek that stays clear, that doesn’t stagnate, but finds a way through numerous details, deliberately.” ~ Rumi

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium