Awakening ~ Some Assembly Required

I’ve become aware that more people than ever before are experiencing their awakening journey ~ how exciting!!

The most common question that seems to be asked of me is “when will this end?” It’s as if most of humanity was led to believe that it’s a one-stop-shop get the job done kind of process, like getting a drive-through oil change and you’re good to go.

However, the truth of the matter is, that it’s more often than not a more prolonged experience; at least it was for me.

The best analogy that I can come up with would be that the awakening journey is akin to peeling an onion with a surgeon’s scalpel, or, if you’re not into onions, it’s like set of Russian dolls (the ones where they all “nest” inside of one another).

Personally, no sooner did I feel like I had reached a level of tranquility, awareness, and understanding when all of a sudden whoa, an energetic shift would start again.

If you are experiencing powerful emotional releases and/or outburst, and just in case you think that you may be, or have, lost your mind, you can know in your heart and Soul that you’re not alone (and no, you’ve not lost your mind!).

What may be happening for you is that those old and outdated identities, beliefs and behaviours are being transmuted and upgraded to new ones that will support you in your journey. And, to go along with this, you are being Spiritually initiated to be able to be of greater service to others through your experiences.

It is timely that I release this blog post, as we are collectively into another significant energy wave that will be phased in with the super full moon and the equinox.

Hang on to your underpants because this will be an impactful energetic wave that will be viscerally experienced for the next week or so.

Think of this as a spiritual weather forecast; do not be fearful, simply observe and trust in yourself.

Collectively we will be experiencing heightened energetic “adjustments”; some may be dramatic or unexpected. The releasing will bring you the opportunities for an energetic upgrade, possibly even for a quantum leap in your journey of ongoing awakening.

Since the time change two weeks ago, our perception of time has accelerated to a rate that I’ve never experienced before. Like the song says, “time keeps on slipping into the future.” Staying present is paramount now as that’s where your energy and focus needs to be.

Sometimes life gets disruptive and everybody’s “shift” start coming out and undone – be compassionate and present with yourself and others when this happens.

Release any default responses, the outdated, and the old paradigms of responding to situations. In doing so, you will be establishing a state of well-beingness; it is your natural balance state.

Embrace the concept of being impervious in all lower vibrational experiences, and just observe.  This will assist you in becoming conscious of being conscious so that you not only engage in a new perspective of those around you, but that you gracefully allow others to participate in a unique experience.

Changing your dynamics, your way of interacting with the world around you changes everything! How would you like to experience yourself and your reality?

It is very common that you may experience what I term as losing reference points to old ways of living, those who have not at the moment made any shifts in their lives can make it a challenge to communicate in the old ways that you used to as your energy has moved to a higher frequency.

Be present, keep your compassionate heart open, trust in yourself, and allow the magnificence of this energy wave to help you to sparkle and shine!

“When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.” ~ Peter Ouspensky

“The more real we become, the more unreal the world around us is revealed to be.” ~ Juliet Carter

“Remember, the best shelter is in the silence of your soul. And if you can develop that silence, nothing in the world can touch you. You can stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium