Game Of Phones

The universe has a sense of humour; there has never been a doubt in my mind about that, sigh … And, truth be told, nothing lifts gravity like levity and love. Sometimes I find myself smiling and nodding through what appears at times to be the craziest of twilight zone trips as we journey back […]

Spiritual Mediums in Ontario, Canada: A Guide to Understanding the Unseen Spirit World  

Spiritual Medium Ontario Canada

Spiritual mediums (psychic mediums or energy intuitives) have been around forever.  They serve as a conduit or conductor (the medium) between worlds and realms, offering glimpses into the unseen and guiding seekers towards profound connections with their personal higher realms, ultimate universal truths and boundless Love.   Through their attunement to the spiritual realm, they illuminate […]

Psychic Medium vs. Tarot Card Reader: Understanding the Differences

You may have encountered psychic mediums and tarot card readers when seeking life insights and spiritual guidance.  While both practitioners offer Life-insights and Soul-guidance, there are some fundamental differences between the two.   This blog post will explore the difference between a psychic medium and a tarot card reader and how to select the right practitioner […]