Course Correction

Welcome to July, the second half of the year ~ this month will be a dominated with an echo of lessons that were being introduced and integrated 20 years ago, so, yahoo and yabadabadoo!!

Twenty years ago was when my last child came into the world. I also knew then that necessary changes were coming into play in my life, and that some of these changes weren’t going to be the easiest, but they were going to be beneficial in the long-run (of which they ab-SOUL-lutely were).  The changes that played out challenged my growth in ways that I never thought I would experience, but not only did I come through each lesson, I can still reflect upon that time with gratitude (well mostly, sigh …).

In astrology, the first week of July is promoted as being a time of spiritual progression and also as a time where all of humanity can raise their levels of consciousness.

We are heading into a phase of Mercury Retrograde on the 26th of this month which will affect all forms of communications ~ computers, e-mails, online transactions, phone conversations, text messages (how they are received versus what the originator’s intentions were), and then right on over to being extra careful when signing any legal documents (making sure that all of those “I’s” and “T’s” are dotted and crossed).  The tricky part about this particular retrograde is that it will carry a shadow effect and its attributes will be felt almost two weeks before and afterward (from July 11th through to August 11th).

On top of communications potentially going into the spin-cycle, there are also two eclipses two weeks apart (one on the 13th {a partial solar} and another one on the 27th {total lunar}), so things are going to get interesting.  Think of it this way, what was hidden from your conscious awareness will be revealed, and may be a bit of a surprise in ways that you may not have considered, so do stay grounded and open to what comes up for you.

With all the activities taking place this month be mindful when experiencing heightened sensitivity, emotional vulnerability, and an increase in your gifts of discernment.

Eclipses are recognized for producing insights that will help you to course-correct, which will bring you closer to becoming aware of new beginnings for healing and transformation.

We’re in what is also known as the days of “spiritual initiation,” which are intended for deep inner work, self-inquiry, truth-seeking, perceptiveness, and silent contemplation. Material or worldly pursuits are not recommended in the days adjoining eclipses (both before and afterward). Instead, consider using this time to nurture your greater inherent capacity for harmony.

This month will be overflowing with new opportunities, potential and possibilities; think back to 1998 and what lessons may still be there for you to consider.

There’s never a perfect moment to plan to make a change or a course correction, however, you will always know by how you feel when the timing is perfect. Sometimes the change will be significant, and other times it will be subtle, but the outcome will still have a new point of focus and direction.

Remember who you are, that we’re all in this together, and do your best to keep your shift together throughout these challenging times of Soul-growth and awakenings.

Chart yourself a clear personal map of what you want to do, where you’d like to be, how you want to feel, and go for it ~ the course correction will happen exactly in perfect timing!

“Every choice we make allows us to manipulate the future.” ~ Captain Jean Luc Picard

“In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than Love?” ~ Igor Stravinsky

“There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.” ~ Rod Serling

Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium