Have Fun and Play Nice

Let’s see, where to begin, well, as they say, begin at the beginning!

This is a bit of a longer post, but now that we’re mostly homebound and settling in, I will start by saying that this information is probably not for you unless you are actively taking full responsibility for your life, your state of wellbeing, and your experiences.

2020 is all about clarity and coming into balance, and lookee lookee what is happening!! Aside from the visible economic imbalances that have created huge divisions between many, if not most, the most significant imbalance that is being corrected is bringing Self-Love back into our collective consciousness, and this realization could not have come at a better time.

This worldwide event is beginning as isolation but ultimately will bring people much closer together than ever before.

A powerful shift in consciousness (your awareness) is in full play now; please pay attention to your intuition, no matter how “crazy” the impressions that you may receive, listen carefully to your inner wisdom.

When we learn to Love ourselves, we can then extend this Love to others, and it is this frequency of Love that heals and brings the new into our realities. Make the conscious decision to upgrade the way you take care of yourself, the people you Love, and the world around you.

Accepting harmony, presence, creative expression, Love, joy, belly laughter, and passion back into our lives is paramount now; we’ve gone way too long without these being in the forefront.

The unknown is integral to your journey, so let go of wanting to reveal the details and go with what resonates with you. Sometimes life will be bumpy, and other times life will be surreal, and regardless, remember to keep on creating.

We are being called upon to walk our talk now, you know what you know, and it is time to activate those downloads that you’ve been receiving in your dreamscape worlds – you know who you are.

With Grace and Integrity, it is also time to dream a new outcome into reality. Nothing has ever been experienced like this before, and, nothing will ever be the way it was; it will be better!!

The old ways of thinking and behaving are being removed so that new paradigms that support the lifting of consciousness of the whole can come into play.

History is in the making now, and how this unfolds will require your undivided attention to shifting your consciousness to its highest level. Be courageous and strong, assist others who need assisting, share, be kind, and most of all, remember that this is a time of growth for everyone.

You are the main character in your dream, time for dreaming yourself awake.

Clarity is your best friend, and it can be challenging at the same time; being shown the Truth of a matter can be shocking, but as soon as you recover from the shockwave of Truth, your intuition (which is from the higher realms of frequencies) will guide you to your next step; your future Self will always know what to do in any given moment.

Being called to be very present to ourselves and subsequently to others is taking place. Our energy patterns have been disrupted, and the slowing down period of “being productive” is exciting to navigate.

Some will experience freedom throughout this experience, and others will experience profound fear as the awakening energies step into becoming more palpable.

Be patient with those that are experiencing profound suffering as their reality begins to dissolve so that a new one can come in.

For those that haven’t yet had the veil of illusions lifted, then this will provide you, the awakened one, with the opportunity to engage with compassion for those that do not know that they do not know (as the saying goes, unconsciously unconscious).

Many will feel exceptionally isolated and vulnerable throughout this time, and if you’ve already gone through your own personal shake up and wake up {awakening} you too will remember how this felt; if you can soften the sharp edges of this experience for another and shine the energetic frequency of kindness, healing, and awareness upon their path, please do so.

Remember that being of service is a state of mind. It is a behaviour that is conducted daily, moment-by-moment, whether those who receive what we offer “deserve” it or not; this is what the collective needs now, always and all ways.

You can assist one person or one million; it’s all the same in the energetic realms!

Those of you who are already awakened have been strategically placed to be precisely where you are, purely to be of service to others. Remember that as you offer to be of service to remain mindful of your own energetic requirements.

It usually takes a shakeup to wake up, and this is a profound shift in consciousness leading to a greater awakening. We are experiencing disruptive forces that are disrupting (shaking) our current reality to bring in the new; the ripples of this experience will continue to move outwards and into infinite timelines, potentials, and possibilities.

Stay real, stay authentic, stay in alignment with your Truth, and do not waver, because if you do, you will experience the repercussions of karma nearly immediately.

You must walk your talk, speak your Truth, and choose wisely to either live in freedom and integrity or, live in fear and bondage.

Brand new beginnings are happening, and to move forward, we must individually and collectively release what is no longer serving us. To try and carry outdated paradigms into the future simply won’t work; in other words, it will be non-negotiable to move forward, the universe will hold you accountable to what needs to be addressed.

You will go through many emotions as you lift the veil of illusions, do not be afraid; remember that the flow of life will take you in surprising directions, so stay flexible and adaptable.

We are dreaming ourselves into awakening. Just as when one person wakes up in a household, it’s merely a matter of time before the others awaken from their slumbers (and some sleep much longer and deeper than others).

We’ve been asking for changes and transformations, and now changes and transformations are upon us. This is exciting; new growth, new paradigms, and new ways of being are coming into play now.

For most of us, this is the most significant historical event that we’ve ever experienced, and we will someday look back upon these days as the pivotal moment that we collectively pierced through the illusions of enslavement, lack, of not being enough or having enough, and evoke the Truth that we are the Knowers in the process of remembering Knowing.

Learn to navigate circumstances that you cannot control, and while laughing wildly in the face of chaos can seem to be ill-mannered for some, the Truth is it can be the best remedy that is needed. When you are hanging on to your underpants because life has gone into the spin-cycle, don’t take it too personally or you may need toilet paper …

Love the moment-to-moment narrative and look forward with clarity to the twists and turns of events in an already exciting timeline; I’m sure that Truth will make an appearance in this awakening story, and I predict it will be spectacular!!!

As my grandmother used to say, “have fun and play nice!”

“We are our own alarm clock; the trouble is, it’s so easy for us to keep pressing the snooze button.” ~ Matthew Delooze

“Begin to weave, and the Divine will provide the thread.” ~ Ancient Egyptian Saying

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” ~ Marilyn Vos Savant


Guided Thoughts from a Psychic Medium