I was born in 1960 during an amazing time of energetic imprinting that would later on provide the lifting off point to becoming who I am today: an energy intuitive, insightful healer and spiritual adviser. As a child growing up, unusual, esoteric and supernatural events occurred throughout the years: having visions and impressions, seeing people and beings that no one else saw, knowing things before they happened and especially having a deep understanding of feelings/empathy of others. It always seemed like there was something watching over me and looking after me as I was guided to be exactly where I am at this very moment.

About Theresa

I frequently found myself “knowing” information about a person or their family or their life situation without any prior knowledge of the person. On some occasions I “saw” what would happen in a future situation or a particular location. It is as if I gain glimpses or fragments of what is to come or sometimes what has passed. These insights arise daily as I go about my life, and they are more detailed if I take time to tune in more directly on a person or situation.

On many, many occasions I have had experiences of knowing “things” with no rational explanation as to how I know this information. I learned over the years to simply allow this knowledge to be.

In 2007, the corporate world gently facilitated the opportunity for me to unfold my wings and begin to soar, and that is when the cosmic timing began and I was able to focus on using my spiritual gifts as I was guided to.

My abilities go beyond psychic and into the sphere of soul level communication. I am guided in accessing a client’s soul’s desire for inner peace and unconditional love, addressing the soul’s lifetime purpose. The stream to where life becomes an effortless flow of joy and fulfillment occurs during exploration of the soul’s contracts, blocks, karmic imprints, negative patterning, messages and images.

I have come to understand that my gifts of inspiration, discernment, intuition, psychic, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience have a powerful purpose in helping others through all stages of transition in their life. I am able to step out of my personality and permit the energy to flow through me, hence allowing the answers to your questions. The questions that are asked set up a vibration for the answers that will be needed for healing and awakening.

  • What is an Energy Intuitive? +

    While we cannot place our emotions or feelings into a jar and see them, we do feel them, and they are very real to our senses. I interpret energy fields that surround people, places and events; this has evolved throughout my life experiences of inner knowing, feelings and hunches of what else was really happening on a non-tangible level.

  • What is Swan Energy? +

    When I was searching for answers deep within my being, I asked the Universe for a sign – something to give me courage, strength and an undeniable knowing that I was to continue on this journey in expanding my experience of being of assistance to others. That very morning, as I was waiting at the school bus stop with my youngest, a giant white bird flew over our heads and we both looked at each other in disbelief and simultaneously whispered, “that’s a swan!”

    As soon as I got back home, I began to research the animal totem of swan, swan medicine, and the archetype. This quickly became an incredible moment of illumination and clarification for me. Swan medicine and folklore speak to the knowledge that swans are one of the most powerful and ancient of totems, teaching us to look within to find our own inner beauty and radiate it.

    Humanity is awakening to the higher vibrations that are calling to their souls, gently nudging along in their journey and it is my deepest honour to be of support to others.

    My understanding of my journey is to help with the lessons of experience; to take that which is belief and transform it into experience so that the wisdom is complete (because experience transcends belief). It was given to me a long time ago that it is one thing to know about it (an experience), and another thing to know it (the experience)!

  • What is Source Energy? +

    My belief is that we are an extension of Source Energy (God, Creator) and that Source Energy is non-physical existing in our physicality. In summary, I work with Swan and Source Energy and allow these modalities to merge together, creating an exquisite combination of alignments of who you truly are: a gentle reminder that you are greatly loved, you do belong, you are filled with wisdom and love and you are essential in the ongoing expansion of this universal awakening.

    It is a powerful time for change in our world and I am grateful to be part of the many that are welcoming and embracing this change, while being a source of support for others as they try to find their way.