Have Fun and Play Nice

Let’s see, where to begin, well, as they say, begin at the beginning! This is a bit of a longer post, but now that we’re mostly homebound and settling in, I will start by saying that this information is probably not for you unless you are actively taking full responsibility for your life, your state […]

Course Correction

Welcome to July, the second half of the year ~ this month will be a dominated with an echo of lessons that were being introduced and integrated 20 years ago, so, yahoo and yabadabadoo!! Twenty years ago was when my last child came into the world. I also knew then that necessary changes were coming into play […]

Game Of Phones

The universe has a sense of humour; there has never been a doubt in my mind about that, sigh … And, truth be told, nothing lifts gravity like levity and love. Sometimes I find myself smiling and nodding through what appears at times to be the craziest of twilight zone trips as we journey back […]

The Winds of Change

Since I was a little girl, whenever it would get windy, I would always get this feeling in my body that big changes were on the way. I have a better understanding now of what changes are all about, and as the more repetitive, prevalent and stronger the winds, the greater the energies that are […]

Awakening ~ Some Assembly Required

I’ve become aware that more people than ever before are experiencing their awakening journey ~ how exciting!! The most common question that seems to be asked of me is “when will this end?” It’s as if most of humanity was led to believe that it’s a one-stop-shop get the job done kind of process, like […]

Flying Sea Turtles

I once read that scientists had determined that since we spend approximately 20 years of our life sleeping and experiencing dreamscapes, that our dreamscapes can be considered an alternate reality. And, this is how my alternate reality unfolded this morning … I was standing in my backyard, looking up to the sky when I saw […]

Awakening To Your Authentic Self (Love)

I was up early in the morning, had my bathtub time, and then went downstairs to make a cup of tea. As I was waiting for the kettle to boil, I heard the chorus to the song by Buffalo Springfield “It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down” was playing […]


How can this already be the end of September? I was sure I remembered there still being another week left in this month, but apparently not. This morning I was looking for my son’s giant 5-litre neon blue water bottle that I put somewhere that I’d remember. Of course, seeing that this is such a […]

Owning My Shift

Apparently, between a full moon that’s come and gone, some planets rolling in and out of alignment, and Mars having gone direct, although I’m not too sure where it has directly gone off to, I’m thinking these have to be good things right?! A few days ago, I woke up feeling like I had been […]

The Impermanence of Life

Sometimes I want one of those singing-dancing flash mobs to show up in my life and start belting out some good tunes to distract me from whatever I’m distracted from. Maybe a combo-version of the Bee Gees singing Staying Alive and To Love Somebody, and then an excellent rendition of What’s Up by 4 Non-Blondes. […]