Squirrel Moments

Sometimes our journey can be challenging, and I can attest to this from my personal experiences. There are days that just seem to flow Zen-like without a hitch and then other days are filled with a never-ending flow of squirrel moments. And honestly, over the past while I feel like I’ve had more squirrel moments […]

The Waves Are Coming In

When I was a little girl, I used to have a recurring dream of standing on a beach and observing the waves that were coming into the shoreline. It was a regular beach with regular waves, yet in the dream I would spot a wave that was gaining in height and momentum, more so than […]


The basis of our life is freedom, we are free, we are freedom, and I have reached the signpost that used to be seen everywhere called “Freedom 55”. A month ago, I turned fifty-five years of “sage” and apparently I now qualify for discounts and free stuff. My first day of “Freedom 55” started out […]


My day started off in a normal kind of way, whatever normal is nowadays as I like to refer to normal as the button on the dishwasher. I looked out my window and noticed a beautiful hawk showing himself as he gracefully floated on the invisible currents of energy. This hawk seemed to be hovering […]

That Blue Moon Thingy

I had no idea of the energetic intensity that this recent full moon that was also a blue moon was going to bring into my life. Apparently with a full moon it’s always a good time to clear out your shift and let go of anything that isn’t serving you, but, with a blue moon, […]

Messages and Messengers

Interesting times we’re all in now isn’t it? Yesterday some angels were moved around in my house again. Now I know that this probably sounds like no big deal but it is for me. You see, my angels move around without anybody moving them. Luckily I have not seen them moving or flying or levitating, […]

Getting Shift Done

“Space Cadet to command post,” those were the words my son said to me last night as I placed the last box full of shift into the garage. I have been on an earth mission of getting shift done, and yes, when I get into this mode I tend to become a space cadet. They […]

My Journey of Prayers

When I was a little girl, I was taught to say my prayers every night before I went to bed. I didn’t understand what prayer was all about back then. And truthfully, it took me decades to get it together on the prayer side of life. The idea that prayer could involve surrendering my desires […]

You Have Reached Your Destination

Have you been cleaning up your shift? Collectively, we are all still integrating a massive shift that continues to impact us on a very intimate level and a global level simultaneously. I know that everything looks the same for the most part, but people are shifting and resetting their awareness. We are being gifted with […]

AMA (Ask Me Anything) – The Life Path of Animals

Q: I seem always to be hearing on the news or reading in the newspapers of animals being hurt or abused my humans. Why do animals have to suffer? Why does this happen? A: Whenever there is suffering of any sentient Being, it is felt by the whole of awareness and the same would also […]