When Believing is Seeing – Perfect Timing!

I am often times asked how my husband and children respond to the work that I do.  Well, my children have gotten used to me interacting with my invisible friends, but my husband still likes to challenge the unfamiliar; it’s his nature.  It’s not that he does not believe in the work I do, he […]

Soul Mates – They’re Here There and Everywhere!

I was drinking my morning smoothie and wondered what would I write about next and two words were given to me “Soul Mates”. Everyone is one, has one, and knows at least one; they’re everywhere.  Soul mates come in all different shapes, colours, sizes, ages, cultures, occupations and relationships.  They could be your children, your […]

Expanding to The Higher Level of Love

I am often asked “why a soul would choose to experience sorrow, pain or suffering?” All of us here in the human experience, be it infants, children, teenagers or adults, have been given the opportunity of teaching each other how to love. During our life between lives (pre-physical memories), we choose to come into this […]

Universal Law of Free Will & Choice

We all possess the attributes of free will and choice. This is inherent to each beautiful being on this planet. We are born with it and often times, through a great deal of conditioning from outside of us, we believe that we do not have choice. The other day, I met with a gentleman who […]

Celebrate!! Living The Dream

Welcome to my blog… Dreams do come true and this website and blog is something that I have dreamed of for quite some time. It was a dream that kept recurring, kept reminding me that it was waiting to be lived. I dreamed of being in association with an outstanding web designer, an ingenious photographer, […]

The Accuracy of Using Osho Zen Tarot Cards

The Accuracy of Using Osho Zen Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to provide guidance and insight to those seeking answers to life’s questions.  The Osho Zen Tarot Cards are one of my favourites when seeking advice; they are a unique and modern deck offering a fresh perspective on traditional tarot card readings.   As an energy-intuitive (psychic medium) offering Soul-Guided […]