Pick A Card, Any Tarot Card

tarot card illustration

Wella, wella, wella, I was dusting my office this morning, which includes my computer, desk, a few pictures, my workout weights {I know, they needed dusting too}, books, a few bookcases filled with more books, and cute little boxes of tarot cards.  As I was dusting, I realized that I have almost more cute little […]

Have Fun and Play Nice

Let’s see, where to begin, well, as they say, begin at the beginning! This is a bit of a longer post, but now that we’re mostly homebound and settling in, I will start by saying that this information is probably not for you unless you are actively taking full responsibility for your life, your state […]

Chad and The Bee Gees

Chad and The Bee Gees

I thought I’d share some observations from the holodeck of consciousness; some thoughts that come to me in the most random moments are usually the most thought-provoking ones, at least I think they are … The other day, I woke up from a dream-vision where two very old men with dark fedora hats, old fashioned […]

Course Correction

Welcome to July, the second half of the year ~ this month will be a dominated with an echo of lessons that were being introduced and integrated 20 years ago, so, yahoo and yabadabadoo!! Twenty years ago was when my last child came into the world. I also knew then that necessary changes were coming into play […]

Messages From the Body ~ Medical Intuitive Readings with Soul-Guided Insights: A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

An intuitive medical reading with Soul-guided insights can offer a unique perspective on health and wellness.  All experiences are held in the energetic body; if they are not properly processed with the conscious, unconscious, and Spiritual mind-body-connection, they will create an energetic blockage in the physical body that will translate into illness, discomfort, and dis-ease. […]

Finding Spiritual Guidance: How to Connect with the Right Psychic Medium


Are you looking for spiritual guidance and curious about how to connect with the right psychic medium for your needs? The journey of spiritual growth can be challenging at times, but a Soul-gifted psychic medium can help you to connect with your higher Self and receive insights, deeper understandings and guidance from the spiritual realm. […]

Journey into the Unknown: Seeking a Psychic Medium Near Me

Seeking a Psychic Medium Near Me

Embarking on a journey into the unknown, and seeking the guidance of a Soul-gifted psychic medium in your area, can be a transformative and enlightening experience.  A Soul-gifted psychic medium uniquely connects with higher realms of consciousness, offering their client high-level insights, profound truths, Love, compassion, understanding, and even predictions as to how certain situations […]

The Best OSHO Tarot Card Experience

The Best OSHO Tarot Card Experience

Let’s delve into the advantages of an OSHO tarot card reading as you embark on a transformative journey unlocking the wisdom of the OSHO tarot cards and uncovering the profound truths that reside within.   As my intuitive abilities continue to expand, I have embraced the OSHO tarot cards as a tool for offering my clients […]

Game Of Phones

The universe has a sense of humour; there has never been a doubt in my mind about that, sigh … And, truth be told, nothing lifts gravity like levity and love. Sometimes I find myself smiling and nodding through what appears at times to be the craziest of twilight zone trips as we journey back […]