... Here There & Everywhere ...

  • Where are you located? +

    I am located in Whitby Ontario and I conveniently serve the following areas as well as the world at large ~ Ajax, Aurora, Bancroft, Barrie, Belleville, Bowmanville, Brampton, Burlington, Clarington, Cobourg, Cornwall, Courtice, Grimsby, Hamilton, Kingston, Markham, Mississauga, Newcastle, Newmarket, Niagara Falls, Oakville, Orangeville, Oshawa, Ottawa, Peterborough, Pickering, Port Hope, Port Perry, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, St. Catharines, Toronto, Whitby, Canada-wide (all provinces and territories), United States wide (yes, all States), and world-wide from Ireland, to New Zealand.

  • Do you do house parties? +

    A gathering of like-minded souls is an amazing time to share and expand your wisdom and deepen your life path purpose. If you would like to expand your experience and share with a group of friends, then a house party may be perfect for you. I host gatherings in my studio and I comfortably hold seating for up to 8 guests. My studio is located on the main floor with powder room access and I have beautiful cozy chairs as well as plush cushions for extra floor seating. You will stay present for each other’s questions and you will be able to integrate a deeper understanding of spiritual lessons and explore the current path that you are on. My studio is gently saged (it is a very soft soothing scent as well as an energetic purifier) and I serve blooming tea (green tea) from glass teapots into delicate glass cups – spiritual class on all levels! Group sessions are two-hours in length and $350.00 person (if this was a one-on-one private reading-consultation for two-hours the cost would be $400.00 per person).  Please visit my Offerings page  to schedule a suitable date and time for you and your friends.

  • Do you have last minute availability? +

    It is unusual, however not unheard of and I do keep a waiting list for clients that wish to have a last minute appointment that becomes available.

  • When can I see you? +

    I maintain a flexible schedule and I have reading availabilities during the daytime, evenings as well as weekends.

  • Can I share an appointment with my friend? +

    If you would like to share a session with a friend, now is the perfect time to introduce them. My work is very thorough and insightful as to the spiritual life lessons that you are here on earth to learn; you will be present for each other’s questions and you will be able to assimilate a deeper understanding of the path that you are on. Shared sessions are 90-minutes in length and $250.00 per person (if this was a one-on-one private session for 90-minutes the cost would be 300.00 per person).  Please visit my Offerings page  to schedule a suitable date and time for you and your friend.

  • Are you like the Long Island Psychic on TV? +

    We do have a lot of similarities, right down to our names! Her work has brought a lot of awareness to the whole sphere of working with non-physical energies and the program demonstrates how we are everyday people with everyday lives having everyday experiences but tuned in to a never ending “channel” of information.

  • Do you use tarot cards? +

    No, but I have tried and for the life of me, there are just too many cards and too many pictures and too much information to retain on top of what I am receiving via “live streaming” from Source Energy! I do have a great collection of Birthday and Christmas cards and I truly love them all.

  • Do I need to prepare myself for a reading-consultation with you? +

    I always suggest that you take the time to write out as many questions that come to your mind prior to our meeting and remember that all topics are open for conversation.

  • Do you offer phone, WhatsApp or Zoom video Reading-Consultations? +

    I am happy to offer this service!  Please visit my Offerings page  to schedule a suitable date and time.

... Fun Stuff ...

  • Do you give out lucky numbers? +

    If I knew them I’d be at the lotto booth this moment – ha!

  • Do you speak with dead people? +

    First of all, they’re not dead; they have simply shifted their focus from being in a physical form to a non-physical form (kind of like ourselves when we are sleeping). Most often they will make their presence known if you and they, so desire (mutual co-creation).

  • Do you record the sessions? +

    The sessions are not recorded for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is the level of information that is shared is highly spiritual, individual and confidential in its nature. The second (and maybe this should be the first reason) is that after seven different recording methods and manufacturers (from cassette tape to CD, both wired and wireless) there were always blank spots, static and glitches in the soundtrack.

    I have come to understand that the energy level that is reached in the studio during a reading-consultation is a sacred one. I always encourage you to write out your own notes and you will retain what you are meant to.

  • Do you do palm readings? +

    No, I haven’t a clue; but I do recommend that you contact Soren Dreier at http://zen-haven.com/readings-by-soren/ if you are so inclined; his work is magnificent!

  • Do you do house clearings? +

    Yes I do! It is very natural that from time to time, the energy in your home or workspace may become unbalanced ~ an energy clearing will assist in shifting the energy patterns to a more harmonious state. Please contact me and we can review if an energy balancing for your home or workspace is appropriate for you.

  • Where can I get a teapot and tea that you served? +

... Clarity & Understanding ...

  • What are some of the benefits of coming to see you? +

    In booking a consultation with me, you will receive clarity, peace and a higher level of understanding of your life’s purpose with an acceptance and awareness that you have always dreamed of!

    All topics are open for conversation and exploration:

    • past lives
    • soul blueprints
    • finances
    • love
    • karma
    • soul-mates
    • spiritual guidance
    • universal laws
    • relationships
    • careers
    • ascension process
    • energy shifts
    • global events past-present-future
    • inner gifts
    • soul awakenings
    • imprints from loved ones that have re-emerged
    • alternative healing modalities
    • and anything else that you can imagine, we will co-create!
  • What is the difference between an energy intuitive, a psychic and a medium? +

    An Energy Intuitive is a psychic and a medium (gifted with both modalities) and receives numerous layers of inner knowing/information that is transmitted and received energetically (think wireless communication). The information that is received, is energy imprints* whether physical or non-physical (dead or alive), past, present or future, and is used to communicate.

    *Everyone and everything has an energy field that is around them, and that is where the information is stored, that is then interpreted.

    A psychic is very intuitive and receives impressions in various ways (kinaesthetically, auditoryly, visually) and a medium is generally the conduit for receiving messages from those that have re-emerged into pure positive energy.

    When you are choosing to work with someone who has these abilities, please trust in your self and you will be guided to meet with exactly whom you are supposed to along your journey

  • Do you have anything else to tell me? +

    We are in the process of a powerful time of change in our world and I am grateful to be a gentle reminder that you are greatly loved, you do belong, you are filled with wisdom and love, and, you are essential in the ongoing expansion of this universal awakening.

    I have been shown that part of my gift is to remind you that the future of humanity will need a human guide, just like you, who has taken the journey from the old energy into the new. The path you’re walking right now provides the experiences to enable you to become a Teacher of the New Divine Human. As lonely and dark as your journey can be at times, remember that you are never alone.

    It is my honour to be of service to others; being a source of presence, knowledge, wisdom, experience, peacefulness, love and understanding.

... Past Present & Future ...

  • How do you know my past lives? +

    During our conversation, I am often times shown a superimposed face over your face, somewhat like an overexposed photograph. Along with what I am shown, I am given impressions and history about the faces, which allows me to interpret in greater detail.

  • How accurate are your readings-consultations? +

    My readings-consultations are highly accurate and truthful, and, it is not unusual that clients will contact me later and validate that something that they couldn’t relate to during their reading-consultation all of a sudden presented to them “out of the blue”. Please take the time to look over my testimonial page, it is always evolving and I look forward to adding your recommendation there too!

  • Do you predict the future? +

    I am shown the highest probability in certain situations as having the most obvious outcome, however, that being said, you are the one that is creating your experience. I am simply the interpreter, the conduit for the messages that I am being given and you have the power to choose, the power of free will.