Soul-Guided Intuitive E-mail Consultation

Soul-Guided Intuitive E-mail Consultation


With an open heart and deep reverence for your journey, I am honoured to offer you a window into the spiritual realm through a detailed written and personalized Soul-Guided Intuitive E-mail Consultation.  

The guidance that comes through these pages is a reflection of your Soul’s wisdom, illuminating your mind and providing clarity and understanding for the questions that are weighing on your heart.  

This is prepared by sharing with you, my Soul’s gifts of Intuitive Guidance, the wisdom of Universal Laws, combined with the power of the vibrational resonance in your numerological birth profile which all mystically weave together to offer you a rich tapestry of knowledge. The information provided will serve as a roadmap for your Soul’s growth, helping you to assimilate the lessons you came here to master, and to deepen your awareness of your calling which is your Soul’s natural gifts and talents.

In a digital .pdf SwanSource stationary return E-mail format (returned to you within 7 to 10 business days, oftentimes sooner), I am here to assist you in unlocking the full potential of your life journey. 

This offering is a minimum of 6 to 8 pages of Soul-insights packed full of Spiritual knowledge, that will assist you in remembering your evolutionary journey of shifting your consciousness and awakening to experiencing and living your best life ever.

With every word, I will hold the sacredness of your earth-life and Soul’s journey in a space of compassion and understanding. May this Soul-Guided Intuitive E-Mail Consultation bring you closer to your highest self, with a renewed sense of purpose as you continue to discern your path of awakening, self-discovery and ultimately your unique shifting of consciousness. 

It is a privilege to share this knowledge with you, and I look forward to supporting you on your path towards greater awareness and shifts in your consciousness.

With Love and a deep reverence for the journey of your Soul, I extend to you an invitation of sacredly sharing your experiences. In this sharing, you allow me the honour of offering you profound intuitive Soul-Guidance.

In the description box below, please enter as much information as possible (please also include your day, month and year of birth, so that I can encompass your numerology profile in my response to you).

Your written words hold immense power and the simple act of expressing yourself can bring immeasurable clarity and peace to your Soul, and ultimately your life.

Please provide your day, month and year of birth so that I may complete your numerology aspects in my response to you.