Soul-Guided Intuitive Messages From the Body E-Mail Consultation

A medical intuitive reading is obviously not a medical diagnosis, rather, this is a decoding of your experiences and health blueprint from your Soul to your body.  I am the humbled facilitator that will offer you deeper awareness towards the path of healing, releasing, and transformation that is available for you.  I approach your medical intuitive reading with an understanding that when we are not fulfilling our Soul’s sacred contract in this lifetime, it may contribute to the development of illness and dis-ease.  

Embrace the journey and trust in the guidance of your Soul.

With an open heart, I welcome you to explore the healing potential of a Soul-Guided Intuitive Messages From The Body E-Mail Consultation. As a humbled facilitator, I will offer you guidance on your path towards transformation and healing, while helping you to decode the messages your body is sending and identifying areas in your life that need attention and balance.

By looking at the energetic experiences that are held in your body, I am able to assist you in identifying areas in your life that need to be addressed and rebalanced in order to begin your healing journey.  

I offer you my Soul’s gift of intuitive insight, illuminating the path to greater healing, wholeness, and self-discovery that will bring you clarity to the root cause of any physical or emotional discomfort you may be experiencing.

What parts of your body constantly ache or are in pain?  Your body talks to you, but are you listening?  As a Spiritual Teacher and an Energy Intuitive, I am guided to receive insights and understandings as to how we manifest dis-ease, accidents, and illnesses in our bodies.  When I experienced my own healing from a life-ending dis-ease, I realized how incredibly important it is to feel to heal, and to ultimately embody greater consciousness.  The body is a walking lie detector and nothing happens by “accident” as we are in an energetic feedback system that will always offer us exactly what we need to become aware of.

In a digital .pdf SwanSource stationary return E-mail format (returned to you within 7 to 10 business days, oftentimes sooner), this offering is a minimum of 8 to 10 pages of insights packed full of Spiritual and intuitive Soul-guidance, insights, unconditional Love, and Soul-wisdom to assist you in recalling your evolutionary journey of awakening and living your best life ever.  Remember, the power that made the body heals the body!

I am Soul-honoured to assist you in remembering your evolutionary journey of shifting your consciousness and awakening to experiencing and living your best life ever.

With Love and grace, I invite you to share with me what is currently emerging in your journey. By sharing your experiences, you allow me the honour of offering you profound understandings, Soul-guidance, and insights from my Soul to yours. Your courage to open up and be vulnerable is sacred and will serve as the foundation of your journey towards healing. In the description box below, please include as much information as possible, so that I may provide you with the most comprehensive and meaningful support on your path towards Soul-growth and connecting to your inner Divine Soul-wisdom and wellbeing.