Soul-Guided Intuitive Shared Consultation

As an intuitive guide, I am honoured to connect with the energies of your Souls, whether either of you are close or far away, regardless of your time zones.  Being of service in offering you a Soul-Guided Intuitive Shared Consultation may be exactly what you are both looking for!  

Let’s co-create together and explore the wisdom of your Souls.  Using a secure video platform (Zoom), we can virtually meet face-to-face, or, if you prefer to speak on the phone, we can use WhatsApp or a regular cellular or phone-line connection.

A new gift that I am exploring is receiving energetic impressions from photographs; you are each welcome to electronically send along a few photographs prior to your booked and confirmed Soul-Guided Intuitive Shared Consultation.  Your photographs can be of any person, animal, place, or object, regardless if they have transitioned to the non-physical realm or are still present here in this earth realm.

In order to provide you with the most insightful Soul-Guided Intuitive Shared Consultation, please be ready for what you wish to discuss in your life (past, present, future, or a general “what’s going on”).  I invite you both to prepare a list of questions that may come to your minds between now and when we connect, and all topics are open for conversation and exploration; this suggestion is for your benefit so that we cover off all your questions.

Please bring your open hearts to discussing any aspect of your lives; my intention is to hold a sacred space for each of you and support you in your journey towards self-discovery and awakening your inner shift in consciousness. Let’s connect and discover the Soul-truth of the magnificence of who you are!!