Soul-Guided Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring Consultations

I am Soul-honoured to be of service in offering you the opportunity of expanded consciousness in conjunction with profound esoteric knowledge and spiritual teachings.  

The journey of awakening is a revolutionary one that brings you forever closer to your Soul’s truths.  I will offer you the guidance to facilitate creating miracles and greater compassion and Love for your Self and Others in your journey, with insights that will assist you in ongoing Self-discovery.  The outcome is to consciously embody the ability to joy-fully navigate throughout your journey with freedom and Love, all the while experiencing living in a state of tranquility.  

You will learn to discern and listen carefully to your inner voice, while remembering your natural state of compassion for your Self and Others.  With unconditional Love and gentle pointings upon your path, you will experience shifting into your highest alignment with your inner Being.

The path of esoteric teachings invites you to step into a realm of Divine wisdom and spiritual insights, where your Soul’s truths resonate. 

These teachings embrace the mind, body, and spirit, bringing you into a state of harmony and balance with the universe.  They invite you to awaken and listen carefully to your Soul’s voice and remember the Divine within your Self where you hold the key to unlocking your full potential and discovering the beauty of your inner Beingness, your Essence, and your Soul.

Please note that in choosing this service, all appointments will be scheduled between us so that they are mutually agreeable and will be conducted either virtually or by phone.

Soul-Guided Intuitive Spiritual Mentoring Consultations are sacred, and will gently unfold over 7 Private Sessions of 75 minutes each.