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Energy Intuitive, Psychic Medium

My Soul’s purpose is supporting you to remember to your Soul’s magnificence, your personal power, and realizing the wisdom and growth your Soul desires, leading you into dynamic, effortless, abundant and joy-full living.

While we are together, this is what you can anticipate during your Soul-guided consultation:

An openness and willingness to explore possibilities; I will only connect with your energy field if you are allowing. This also applies when making enquiries of other people, places and events (that their energy allows this connection).

As all people, places and events are held energetically in our thoughts and vibrations, there must be an equivalent acceptance to co-creating the connection.

All conversations and knowledge that we share and exchange are held in the Soul-sacredness of confidentiality. Each and every one of us are experiencing an awakening, and therefore acquiring the gems of Soul-wisdom along our unique and extraordinary journey.

During your Soul-guided consultation, I will co-create with you and your energy field, assisting you to acquire deeper Soul-wisdom and clarity about your life purpose and/or current situation.

At the heart of your Soul-guided consultation is that everyone is powerful and that we have the same Source relationship and access to the same Source of power. It is how we use our power that determines the kind of life we will be able to create.

Making peace in life’s journey, accepting one’s spiritual gifts, creates Soul-powerful life transformations.

With Soul-Loving guidance, we will discover that you truly are a Divine Being, you matter, and you count, and when you release the matrix-programming and the social engineered belief systems that are based on false premises, you will come to the realization that you are ab-SOUL-lutely, a Loving Being of light that is living in a temporary physical hue-man form (which is a compression of light).

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