Have Fun and Play Nice

Let’s see, where to begin, well, as they say, begin at the beginning!

This is a bit of a longer post, but now that we’re mostly homebound and settling in, I will start by saying that this information is probably not for you unless you are actively taking full responsibility for your life, your state of wellbeing, and your experiences.

2020 is all about clarity and coming into balance, and lookee lookee what is happening!! Aside from the visible economic imbalances that have created huge divisions between many, if not most, the most significant imbalance that is being corrected is bringing Self-Love back into our collective consciousness, and this realization could not have come at a better time.

This worldwide event is beginning as isolation but ultimately will bring people much closer together than ever before.

A powerful shift in consciousness (your awareness) is in full play now; please pay attention to your intuition, no matter how “crazy” the impressions that you may receive, listen carefully to your inner wisdom.

When we learn to Love ourselves, we can then extend this Love to others, and it is this frequency of Love that heals and brings the new into our realities. Make the conscious decision to upgrade the way you take care of yourself, the people you Love, and the world around you.

Accepting harmony, presence, creative expression, Love, joy, belly laughter, and passion back into our lives is paramount now; we’ve gone way too long without these being in the forefront.

The unknown is integral to your journey, so let go of wanting to reveal the details and go with what resonates with you. Sometimes life will be bumpy, and other times life will be surreal, and regardless, remember to keep on creating.

We are being called upon to walk our talk now, you know what you know, and it is time to activate those downloads that you’ve been receiving in your dreamscape worlds – you know who you are.

With Grace and Integrity, it is also time to dream a new outcome into reality. Nothing has ever been experienced like this before, and, nothing will ever be the way it was; it will be better!!

The old ways of thinking and behaving are being removed so that new paradigms that support the lifting of consciousness of the whole can come into play.

History is in the making now, and how this unfolds will require your undivided attention to shifting your consciousness to its highest level. Be courageous and strong, assist others who need assisting, share, be kind, and most of all, remember that this is a time of growth for everyone.

You are the main character in your dream, time for dreaming yourself awake.

Clarity is your best friend, and it can be challenging at the same time; being shown the Truth of a matter can be shocking, but as soon as you recover from the shockwave of Truth, your intuition (which is from the higher realms of frequencies) will guide you to your next step; your future Self will always know what to do in any given moment.

Being called to be very present to ourselves and subsequently to others is taking place. Our energy patterns have been disrupted, and the slowing down period of “being productive” is exciting to navigate.

Some will experience freedom throughout this experience, and others will experience profound fear as the awakening energies step into becoming more palpable.

Be patient with those that are experiencing profound suffering as their reality begins to dissolve so that a new one can come in.

For those that haven’t yet had the veil of illusions lifted, then this will provide you, the awakened one, with the opportunity to engage with compassion for those that do not know that they do not know (as the saying goes, unconsciously unconscious).

Many will feel exceptionally isolated and vulnerable throughout this time, and if you’ve already gone through your own personal shake up and wake up {awakening} you too will remember how this felt; if you can soften the sharp edges of this experience for another and shine the energetic frequency of kindness, healing, and awareness upon their path, please do so.

Remember that being of service is a state of mind. It is a behaviour that is conducted daily, moment-by-moment, whether those who receive what we offer “deserve” it or not; this is what the collective needs now, always and all ways.

You can assist one person or one million; it’s all the same in the energetic realms!

Those of you who are already awakened have been strategically placed to be precisely where you are, purely to be of service to others. Remember that as you offer to be of service to remain mindful of your own energetic requirements.

It usually takes a shakeup to wake up, and this is a profound shift in consciousness leading to a greater awakening. We are experiencing disruptive forces that are disrupting (shaking) our current reality to bring in the new; the ripples of this experience will continue to move outwards and into infinite timelines, potentials, and possibilities.

Stay real, stay authentic, stay in alignment with your Truth, and do not waver, because if you do, you will experience the repercussions of karma nearly immediately.

You must walk your talk, speak your Truth, and choose wisely to either live in freedom and integrity or, live in fear and bondage.

Brand new beginnings are happening, and to move forward, we must individually and collectively release what is no longer serving us. To try and carry outdated paradigms into the future simply won’t work; in other words, it will be non-negotiable to move forward, the universe will hold you accountable to what needs to be addressed.

You will go through many emotions as you lift the veil of illusions, do not be afraid; remember that the flow of life will take you in surprising directions, so stay flexible and adaptable.

We are dreaming ourselves into awakening. Just as when one person wakes up in a household, it’s merely a matter of time before the others awaken from their slumbers (and some sleep much longer and deeper than others).

We’ve been asking for changes and transformations, and now changes and transformations are upon us. This is exciting; new growth, new paradigms, and new ways of being are coming into play now.

For most of us, this is the most significant historical event that we’ve ever experienced, and we will someday look back upon these days as the pivotal moment that we collectively pierced through the illusions of enslavement, lack, of not being enough or having enough, and evoke the Truth that we are the Knowers in the process of remembering Knowing.

Learn to navigate circumstances that you cannot control, and while laughing wildly in the face of chaos can seem to be ill-mannered for some, the Truth is it can be the best remedy that is needed. When you are hanging on to your underpants because life has gone into the spin-cycle, don’t take it too personally or you may need toilet paper …

Love the moment-to-moment narrative and look forward with clarity to the twists and turns of events in an already exciting timeline; I’m sure that Truth will make an appearance in this awakening story, and I predict it will be spectacular!!!

As my grandmother used to say, “have fun and play nice!”

“We are our own alarm clock; the trouble is, it’s so easy for us to keep pressing the snooze button.” ~ Matthew Delooze

“Begin to weave, and the Divine will provide the thread.” ~ Ancient Egyptian Saying

“To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” ~ Marilyn Vos Savant


About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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Game Of Phones

The universe has a sense of humour; there has never been a doubt in my mind about that, sigh …

And, truth be told, nothing lifts gravity like levity and love.

Sometimes I find myself smiling and nodding through what appears at times to be the craziest of twilight zone trips as we journey back home.

A while ago, I am pretty sure the “life-narrator” (aka the universe) in the background of my journey heard me saying “my life is nice and peaceful today” and it responded with “Lol, wait a sec.” And that’s how it began.

While I was minding my own business (yes, it does happen), waiting for my kettle to boil so I could savour my morning tea, my phone beeped with a text-message notification.

And, like a good cell phone owner, I looked to see who it was.

It only took me a few seconds to realize that I had no idea who the texter-messenger was, other than they had a New York City area code. Based on their opening message, I assume they think they know exactly who they’re talking to, except instead of the intended recipient, the universe connected them with me.

So, I reflected some humour back to the universe when I decided to play a Game of Phones and engage with the mystery texter-messenger, and our “conversation” went along like this:

Mystery Messenger: Hey good morning… So reservations are set for 8pm for the show {includes pictures of tickets for a Broadway performance and dinner plans for this evening}

Me: Can’t wait; what should I wear?

Mystery Messenger: I was wondering the same thing for myself lol… It’s a bit rainy out.

Me: Ya, the weather, you just never know what you’re going to get

[Seeing that I live in Southern Ontario – roughly an 8 to 10-hour drive to New York City, I clearly have no intention of attending this Broadway performance, nor do I have any idea of what the weather is like there, but my newly found Mystery Messenger friend doesn’t know this.]

Mystery Messenger: It’s cool though, I mean it’s not pouring at least right now. Oh, and Rolly canceled too.

Me: Ah, what happened?

Mystery Messenger: He didn’t say, he just said he had to take care of something. He didn’t come into work yesterday, and he said he wasn’t gonna be in today either.

Me: I hope he’s ok

Mystery Messenger: Right – So we all meeting near the job

[The thought of meeting near some vague “job” on top of this whole conversation had me laughing to myself, and I called over my son and his girlfriend to join in on the fun – I wasn’t interested in giving the giggle up just yet.]

Me: Yeah the job, per usual

Mystery Messenger: Around what time are you coming up so I’ll know what time I should leave

Me: When are you gonna be there; I don’t want to be too early or too late.

Mystery Messenger: I’ll say by 6:30 or so, at least before 7

Me: That’s what I was thinking too; I’ll see you then

[This whole exchange happened well before noon, and after sending my final message I heard nothing back – assuming they realized their mistake, I moved on with my day.]

[6:25pm rolls around and, to my surprise, I receive another message!!]

Mystery Messenger: Just meet at the actual spot I’m on my way now

Me: I just got out of the bath!! [which was true by the way]

Mystery Messenger: Lol. {sends me the address}

Me: I’d tell you not to order dinner until I get there, but I’m going to be late.

Mystery Messenger: We gonna order at 8. The reservation is for 8.

Me: I don’t think I’m going to make it – it’s going to take me like, 8 hours to get there!

[Sends an emoji and I now assume that the texter-messenger knows they’ve been messaging with the unintended recipient]

[Two weeks later, I receive a new message!!!!]

Mystery Messenger: Yo

[I can’t believe they’re messaging me again!]

Me: What’s up

Mystery Messenger: I’m about to head out what time you think you be there

Me: No way, I’ve got another bath running! [which was true again!!]

And that was the end of my Game of Phones; no fire-breathing flying dragons were involved and no kingdoms lost or conquered.

This little game brought me really good belly laughter, way more fun than back in the day when we were kids and would listen in on a party-line phone conversation until we got caught.

Bring belly laughter into your life, stay human, and Love every moment of it!

“If you end up with a boring, miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.~ Frank Zappa

“Let my soul smile through my heart, and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

“There’s only one thing that’s better than getting what you want: it’s to know that you can be happy whether you get it or not.” ~ Adyashanti

About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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The Winds of Change

Since I was a little girl, whenever it would get windy, I would always get this feeling in my body that big changes were on the way. I have a better understanding now of what changes are all about, and as the more repetitive, prevalent and stronger the winds, the greater the energies that are shifting, and consequently the bigger changes that will unfold.

Changes are a necessity to our experiences, and the most significant part of the purpose for the obviousness of changes now, is that on another level of consciousness, change is bringing about a new foundation for humanity to create, and experience from. The old foundations are simply crumbling away as their time has come to develop the awareness of choosing to either consciously dismantle or unconsciously implode.

Outdated ways of living are concluding now, and it’s time to embrace change and move forward. Observe where you are still holding on to the past and address what needs to be addressed. Remember, that old paradigms served you well in the past; however, hanging on to them now will only keep you stuck in lower vibrational frequencies instead of embracing the opportunity to transmute them and transform yourself.

Transformation is constant, and we cannot stop it; otherwise, it becomes our foundation of suffering. And truth be told, there isn’t one single aspect in this “earth realm frequency” that is exempt from the experience of transformation. It really is an exciting time to be a witness and participant to all that’s taking place for our growth, as individuals, and as a collective.

However we choose to learn, is always unique, and the supporting element is inevitably about letting go of playing any blame games and owning our experiences.

We are reaching a tipping point of mass awakening, shifting our consciousness to new understandings and insights.

This tipping point isn’t for the faint of heart, nor is it a smooth ride, rather, it is intense, full of turbulence (winds), which is bringing about the much desired and asked for changes. In the short term for the next 6 to 8 weeks, life may have the appearance of messiness, confusion and possibly chaos, however, in the long run, it will be so worth staying true to yourself, and trusting in the process.

A metamorphosis is taking place now, and streamlining and restructuring the way we live, choose, experience our reality, and consider “how would it be possible to _______,” are now in play.

Values and value systems are changing, on an individual basis first and foremost, which then is reflected outwards to become the new collective foundation for which our futures will be based upon.

If you are attached intellectually and/or emotionally to outcomes, then change can be like swimming in the darkness of the abyss. But, if you are not attached to anything (people, places, things, outcomes, events, etc.), then change is an adventure and you can experience the freedom of choice.

We are like frequency anchors, and the frequency, resonance, and vibration that we hold determines our experiences, and our experiences contribute to all of humanity.

Be mindful of the variance in frequencies that you are engaging with, as the spectrum can be anywhere from frequencies of bondage and suppression, to frequencies of healing and freedom.

The new that you choose is going to be representative of your inner state and will support your growth, no one and no thing will run your life any longer, it will be you, you and you, and you and you, and ….You!

May awareness, patience, compassion, Love and peacefulness be your traveling companions throughout your journey.

“People are falling away from our reality, we are being magnetically drawn to those who are in alignment with our Soul’s divine purpose. In the past, we attracted others to replay our traumas, now we will start drawing to us those who are truly meant to be in our lives.” ~ Audrey Kitching

“The most authentic thing about us, is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering.” ~ Ben Okri

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein


About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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Awakening ~ Some Assembly Required

I’ve become aware that more people than ever before are experiencing their awakening journey ~ how exciting!!

The most common question that seems to be asked of me is “when will this end?” It’s as if most of humanity was led to believe that it’s a one-stop-shop get the job done kind of process, like getting a drive-through oil change and you’re good to go.

However, the truth of the matter is, that it’s more often than not a more prolonged experience; at least it was for me.

The best analogy that I can come up with would be that the awakening journey is akin to peeling an onion with a surgeon’s scalpel, or, if you’re not into onions, it’s like set of Russian dolls (the ones where they all “nest” inside of one another).

Personally, no sooner did I feel like I had reached a level of tranquility, awareness, and understanding when all of a sudden whoa, an energetic shift would start again.

If you are experiencing powerful emotional releases and/or outburst, and just in case you think that you may be, or have, lost your mind, you can know in your heart and Soul that you’re not alone (and no, you’ve not lost your mind!).

What may be happening for you is that those old and outdated identities, beliefs and behaviours are being transmuted and upgraded to new ones that will support you in your journey. And, to go along with this, you are being Spiritually initiated to be able to be of greater service to others through your experiences.

It is timely that I release this blog post, as we are collectively into another significant energy wave that will be phased in with the super full moon and the equinox.

Hang on to your underpants because this will be an impactful energetic wave that will be viscerally experienced for the next week or so.

Think of this as a spiritual weather forecast; do not be fearful, simply observe and trust in yourself.

Collectively we will be experiencing heightened energetic “adjustments”; some may be dramatic or unexpected. The releasing will bring you the opportunities for an energetic upgrade, possibly even for a quantum leap in your journey of ongoing awakening.

Since the time change two weeks ago, our perception of time has accelerated to a rate that I’ve never experienced before. Like the song says, “time keeps on slipping into the future.” Staying present is paramount now as that’s where your energy and focus needs to be.

Sometimes life gets disruptive and everybody’s “shift” start coming out and undone – be compassionate and present with yourself and others when this happens.

Release any default responses, the outdated, and the old paradigms of responding to situations. In doing so, you will be establishing a state of well-beingness; it is your natural balance state.

Embrace the concept of being impervious in all lower vibrational experiences, and just observe.  This will assist you in becoming conscious of being conscious so that you not only engage in a new perspective of those around you, but that you gracefully allow others to participate in a unique experience.

Changing your dynamics, your way of interacting with the world around you changes everything! How would you like to experience yourself and your reality?

It is very common that you may experience what I term as losing reference points to old ways of living, those who have not at the moment made any shifts in their lives can make it a challenge to communicate in the old ways that you used to as your energy has moved to a higher frequency.

Be present, keep your compassionate heart open, trust in yourself, and allow the magnificence of this energy wave to help you to sparkle and shine!

“When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.” ~ Peter Ouspensky

“The more real we become, the more unreal the world around us is revealed to be.” ~ Juliet Carter

“Remember, the best shelter is in the silence of your soul. And if you can develop that silence, nothing in the world can touch you. You can stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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The Doors of Perception

We made it through another ending and are here to celebrate a new beginning, so yay us!!

As an Energy Intuitive, one of the most common questions I’m asked alongside “what’s the meaning of life” (of which the meaning of life is simple; life has meaning and finding your true purpose is your meaning), is the question “what’s in store for the new year.”

Every year is different (thankfully right?!) and every new year brings us the opportunity for new beginnings (thankfully again right?!).

This year is going to be a dynamic one, as it will be a year filled with what I refer to as “in between times” and what I mean by that is there will be times of feeling unnoticed in the world, or perhaps even forgotten and ignored (kind of like you’re no longer a caterpillar, but you’re not quite a butterfly yet either). Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that these feelings and experiences are temporary, and in no way a permanent thing, instead, they are offering you the opportunity to rest and reflect upon these in between times as being in the doorway of no longer belonging there (in the past) and observing how you will be moving gently towards your new (the future).

January, or Janus as it is also recognized, is the Roman god of beginnings and endings, the god of gateways, gates, doors, and the keeper of doorways. And, the word janitor is derived from Janus as well – I sometimes think that we all need a Spiritual janitor to clean up our messes that we might have left behind (but then again, Karma seems to have that all sorted out)!

As we begin this new year, our responsibilities are to maintain our personal balance during times of change and to maintain integrity in all our goings-on.

Sunday’s eclipse was our first initiation point this year, so we’ll want to pay close attention to what is appearing back into our realities that may be left over from last summer’s eclipses, so that any dense energies surrounding those appearances can be released, to enable our future to unfold to its fullest potential. You will know when to pay attention to something that is coming back into your experience, as on the surface it will appear as different places, and different faces, but the same feelings, lessons and themes will be there.

Now that we’re into a new year, we are all working with a new calendar, with new things to do and explore, new concepts and ideas to consider and integrate, and most of all, new ways of living our lives. Last year was a big year of letting go of what was no longer serving you, and now this year is going to be an even bigger year of learning to receive only the very best in life, and all that will serve you! Talk about great news!!

Do your best to stay balanced within the doorway of observing how you are responding to the energetic waves that are coming into your experience to help you with awakening to truths that are all around you. These waves of energies are increasing in their intensity and sequencing so you may want to practice extra self-care (resting, walking, meditating, etc.).

It used to be that the energy waves would come through and then there’d be a decent pause and resting time until the next energetic wave came along, but not anymore. It’s like there’s a sense of urgency that’s saying, “Hurry up and get shift done,” sigh …

All in all, this year, and this month in particular, with it being the doorway and gateway to new beginnings, is the most powerful opportunity to get real, get ready, and create the time and space to sit quietly with yourself and prepare to move forward with certainty, tranquility, and authenticity. Embody self-care, self-love, self-respect and confidently move forward into your journey knowing that you are living your best life ever.

Whenever you find yourself standing in the doorway of perceptions, remember that you are still awakening, recognizing who you really are, creating the life purpose and meaningful life that you want to live, allowing others to awaken, choosing compassion, understanding, and awareness over any judgments, shining brighter than you can imagine, and knowing that you are here for a magnificent journey.

Through this gateway, you are on a journey of discoveries with no endpoint ~ get excited for what’s to come into your awareness this year!

If you knew that your dreams are coming true and that your life is stress-free, successful and has purpose, what would you do to make your dreams and life come true? Whatever your answer is, DO IT NOW!

“Freedom isn’t the goal of the journey, it’s where the journey begins.” ~ Krishnamurti

“There are things known, and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” ~Aldous Huxley

“This isn’t a journey about becoming something. This is about unbecoming who we are not.” ~ Adyashanti

About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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Flying Sea Turtles

I once read that scientists had determined that since we spend approximately 20 years of our life sleeping and experiencing dreamscapes, that our dreamscapes can be considered an alternate reality.

And, this is how my alternate reality unfolded this morning …

I was standing in my backyard, looking up to the sky when I saw a flock of sea turtles coming in for a landing. There were at least 80 of them, and as large of a creature that they are, they all managed to quietly and comfortably settle in on the grass, with room to spare between them.

While watching these magnificent creatures gracefully land, I became aware of two things. First, that I was receiving an imprinted download that was full of metaphors for where I was at in my other reality, and second (or maybe this should be first), I had to get up and go pee.

As I was getting back into bed, my husband rolled over, and I said to him, “remind me to tell you about the flying sea turtles in the backyard.” I can tell he’s always very impressed with my middle of the night visions and insights by the way he rolls over, relaxes further into his pillow and starts snoring. Sigh …

In my vision-dreamscape reality, all conversations are downloads, and telepathic, and the impressions I receive are usually metaphoric, and sometimes they are literal (it depends on the “feel” of them). Anyhow, I was so excited about this particular dreamscape, as it held a lot of significance for me in and where I’m presently at in my life.

Sea turtles are reminders that they are the keepers of universal wisdom and messengers about the life we are living. They also provide us with a link to the unknown as they naturally move with the invisible currents and flows of life, and are always at home, wherever they go. Most importantly, they reflect to us when it is time just to be, slow down, allow what needs to be allowed, and that with gentle perseverance, all will be completed in perfect timing.

They also help us to recollect that all we need to know is being revealed in perfect timing, and all intervals and pauses are valuable as an integral part of the journey. We are always at the right place at the right time, always.

These beautiful creatures symbolize profound wisdom, longevity, and are perfect for reminding us to continue with being patient and progressing at a steady pace rather than getting caught up in the busyness of life.

They have a solid outer shell but are softies inside, and, it is their shell that is their sacred shield (just like our energy fields) that keeps them forever protected and whole.

Resting is essential now, especially at this time of year, and learning to wait patiently until a clear path or direction is shown.

We’re in exciting times, and when our hearts and minds are open, the hints, lessons, and insights along the pathways of our journeys will be revealed for us, in one way or another.

Anything that is asleep within us that resides in our unconscious “unawareness” will sooner than later be placed in the light of consciousness “awareness”.

The you-niverse will always set up experiences that require us to re-view and re-think all that has transpired. And, as we ponder the past, we are being given the opportunities to re-imagine and re-shape our future.

Remember, you had a purpose when you came into this earth realm; let it align with you, take your time, proceed at your own magnificent pace whatever it may be, and know that you’ll never have to chase it.

Make the most of these energies, in-joy your dreamscapes, align with what resonates with you, and ride the currents to new experiences!

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” ~ Banksy

“Constant, slow movement teaches us to keep working like a small creek that stays clear, that doesn’t stagnate, but finds a way through numerous details, deliberately.” ~ Rumi

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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Awakening To Your Authentic Self (Love)

I was up early in the morning, had my bathtub time, and then went downstairs to make a cup of tea. As I was waiting for the kettle to boil, I heard the chorus to the song by Buffalo Springfield “It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down” was playing in the background of my mind. Now, please tell me that I’m not the only one who gets songs beamed to their heads that eventually somehow play out into their daily lives.

Anyhow, I’m enjoying the tune in my head when I clearly heard outside of my head “drip, drop, drip, drop.” I thought to myself, “no way, this can’t be happening” and then, “yes way, it is happening” … my bathtub was slowly draining through my kitchen ceiling, one drop at a time.

I did what anyone would do given this situation; I got a sandwich sized plastic container and put it on the kitchen floor to catch the dripping drops and got on with investigating where the leak was coming from.

Like most things in life, what appears on the surface is rarely the source of the experience. Or, if looking on a quantum level of “reality” (which is where I draw most of my insights from), we are always interacting with a consciousness, which not only is listening to what we say, but is always responding to how we genuinely feel (our emotions).

As the day progressed into finding the origins of the source of the water drips, so did the size of my containers, until I eventually had a fine selection of pots and pans and large bowls scattered around my kitchen floor. I’m pretty sure that I must have seen this fix-it method in an old movie somewhere.

Well, one call for help led to another, and one contractor also led to another, and another, and soon drywall was being removed, tiles lifted up, pipes exposed, ceiling pieces and parts coming down, and pots and pans and bowls being replaced with a collection of large pails and buckets. My home was slowing turning into a plumbers and contractors adventure amusement water theme park.

I intuitively knew that there was more than the physicality of the water leak and that there was an opportunity for shifting my level of consciousness to another level, but really I didn’t know what I was in for, on top of the universe having a sense of humour that was preparing me for what I had asked for.

My grandmother used to say to me “When you ask for something from the universe, you must be ready for surprises; everything may seem to be going wrong, when in reality, it is going right.”

Water is symbolic of our emotions; we leak water from our eyes whenever we experience strong emotions (from grief, anguish, and despair, over to gratitude, Love, joy and great belly laughter). So, here I was, faced with finding the source of my own hidden emotions (water) in my home (my life).

Allegorically, leaks and water damages are reminding us that we are overflowing with feelings that have been unconsciously suppressed and it’s time for clearing out.

Well, doesn’t that make sense given that we are all here for the expression of “Though shall do epic shift in this lifetime!”  After all, the next levels (awarenesses) of our lives will require a higher version of ourselves, so we might as well let go and grow.

I became fearless through this experience and decided to self-enquire with the universe about what the shift was that I needed to release, and badabing, badabong, I was shown. No sooner had I asked the universe to reveal the answer to me, I was sitting myself onto the seat of my throne when wazam kabam off went the toilet seat. That was different …

Shortly afterward my husband came out of our other bathroom complaining that the hose had detached from the shower head, and yes, that was different again …

I had to keep reminding myself of my beautiful grandmother’s words, and that helped me to bust out laughing, because what else could I do? Well yes, I did consider dragging my husband’s five thousand pound BBQ up the backyard steps, across the patio and into the kitchen and setting my house on fire, except by the time I went through all that struggle with the way things were going, the propane tank would’ve probably been empty so I ditched that plan (along with the knowledge that karma and the fire department would be forever following me).

I soon found within myself the lessons that needed to come into my conscious awareness. The universe brought about the physical manifestations along with the most perfect actors (role players) for my awakening to some powerful inner truths. I am now grateful for everything that happened, from the energetic quantum world, the emotional realms, the physical manifestations right on through to the fellow earth travelers that validated for me what I needed to learn.

It was time for me to focus on releasing unconscious beliefs (imprinted stories) that were held in my energy field.  Deciding to speak my truth in real time, loving myself for all that was, is, and will be, and that not one experience, person or thing can ever define me. I realized that all my past experiences were the fuel for my inner fire (and not my husband’s giant BBQ), and that this inner fire is the catalyst for personal transformation and growth.

My journey has shaped me to experience all that I have in the past, so that I can be all that I am today, and to become of greater service to others. No time has been lost, and everything is always in Divine timing.

Unexpected surprises always follow our requests. Keep your heart and mind open to receiving answers, and be okay with being authentic with yourself; it’s going to be revealed anyways!

“It is not the pursuit of greater and greater states of happiness and bliss that leads to enlightenment, but the yearning for reality and the rabid dissatisfaction with living anything less than a fully authentic life.” ~ Adyashanti

“You either learn your way towards writing your own script in life, or you unwittingly become an actor in someone else’s script.” ~ John Taylor Gatto

“All the “not readies,” all the “I need time,” are understandable, but only for a short while. The truth is that there is never a “completely ready,” there is never a really “right time.” As with any descent to the unconscious, there comes a time when one simply hopes for the best, pinches one’s nose, and jumps into the abyss.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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How can this already be the end of September? I was sure I remembered there still being another week left in this month, but apparently not.

This morning I was looking for my son’s giant 5-litre neon blue water bottle that I put somewhere that I’d remember. Of course, seeing that this is such a small item (not), do you think I could remember where I put it? Every cupboard and drawer that I opened wouldn’t reveal it, so I was at a loss (again) as to where it could be.

I’m sure there was a time where I did remember things; at least I like to think that I remember remembering. But now, remembering is just that, a memory of it. I hope that this makes sense.

Like for instance, a few weeks ago I had the honour of meeting with what I refer to as some of my Spirit Family members. Now, I have known these magnificent Beings for close to a decade in the earth realm (and I’m sure much, much, longer from the Spirit realm perspective). You know you’re with a Spirit Family member when you can spend hours on end together and never feel tired or energetically drained. There is sharing, laughter, Soul-wisdom understandings, insights, lots of “ah-ha” moments, mutual support, and a true sense of well-beingness.

An Earth Family member is most likely the one(s) that you were born into, and consist of your caregivers, relatives, siblings, and friends while growing up. The Earth Family’s role was to socially condition you into the “way life is here in the earth realm”; how to behave, how not to behave, how to believe in the illusion of fitting in, consequences of not fitting in, good versus bad, right versus wrong, and basically a very linear existence.

There is nothing wrong with Earth Family members, after all, we had to choose a starting point that would place us on our most perfect trajectory for our life experiences and ultimately Soul-growth and awakening.

Anyhow, back to visiting with my Spirit Family members ~ while speaking with them, I realized I was in the midst of a memory glitch, as I couldn’t for the life of me remember their earth family given first names! I know I knew their names, but those pieces of information were floating around somewhere yet to come back into my conscious awareness.

This memory glitch brought forth a level of understanding for me, and that is that we are collectively cleaning up and clearing out old energies. Releasing our own stuff so that we can shift our understandings to be able to observe the magnificence that has transformed our lives from the unconscious (unaware) to the conscious (aware), and from obliviousness to wisdom.

We’re now in a time of aligning with our Soul’s truth, integrating life’s lessons, and being ready to accept and move forward in our journeys, with or without memories.   The memories that are necessary will be retrievable, otherwise, stay present and dive deeply into Self-awareness; it’s where our truth lives.

Oh, and yes, I did finally find my son’s giant 5-litre neon blue water bottle on the top shelf in the laundry room, like where else would I have remembered to put it?

“This Shift is assisting us in rewiring our Spiritual connections and realigning ourselves so that we can finally remember all that we are.” ~ Jim Self, Mastering Alchemy

“Memories light the corners of my mind, misty water-coloured memories of the way we were. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind, smiles we gave to one another for the way we were.” ~ Barbra Streisand, The Way We Were

“Your Soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your Soul alone has the map of your future; therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more importantly, it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey.” ~ John O’Donohue


About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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Owning My Shift

Apparently, between a full moon that’s come and gone, some planets rolling in and out of alignment, and Mars having gone direct, although I’m not too sure where it has directly gone off to, I’m thinking these have to be good things right?!

A few days ago, I woke up feeling like I had been covered up with a cranky-blanket; I was tired and had too much shift to do.

I was in the kitchen getting a few things ready and I noticed that my husband had left the paper towel dispenser dangling with one paper towel left (yes, this is just like the toilet paper refill wars that many people go through in their homes). Anyhow, my husband was sitting at the table having his morning coffee, and I said to him “please refill the paper towel holder” to which he replied, “I don’t know where the paper towels are kept.” And, this, my beloved friends, is when I lost my shift that became the shift-storm of all shift-storms.

I said to my husband “You are doomed! You are doomed beyond doomed!! If you have not noticed in all the years of living here where the paper towels are kept, then you deserve to have a space station fall out of the sky and land on your head. You are dooooooomed!!!!”

And then, I stomped around a lot (for special effects), picked up my purse and stomp-walked out the door to head off to the grocery store, except once I got out to the car, I realized I forgot my car keys and had to go stomp-walking back in the house and see my “doomed” husband still sitting at the kitchen table wondering about the falling space station.

Would it be any surprise that things were going to get shiftier as the day went on?

Well, I will tell you, that noooo, it was not a surprise, and this is what happened.

I arrived at the store after being in a near-miss collision along the way, and when I got out of the car, I was chased down in the parking lot by mutant-angry-bees.

At the grocery checkout, I placed all my foodstuffs on the conveyor belt, and the belt stopped working, so I had to take everything off the belt and go to another checkout.

And of course, when I got back out to the car, there were even more mutant-angry-bees gathering up to gang-stalk me. I didn’t quite get all the groceries into my car when they decided to attack.

I was running away from them in the parking lot, and when I finally got back into my car, I realized that the mutant-angry-bee-gang-stalking-leader was now IN my car.

I jumped back out of the car, and it continued to follow me.

Finally, I escaped back to my car, locked the doors (like this would somehow keep the mutant-angry-bees out), and I said (ok sort of screamed), “Make it stop!”   And that’s when I realized that my purse was still out in the parking lot sitting in the abandoned grocery cart staring at me.

So there I was, sitting in my car, all sweaty, yelling at no one in particular, looking like I just walked on stage to star in my very own scariest shift-show, when the shift that really needed to be owned, reviewed and released came into my awareness.

The word “unsupported” was rebounding in my head, and I knew this word was untrue, yet I was attracting everything to confirm the inner thought-frequency that was being activated.

I got back out of the car, smacked my shin-bone off the grocery cart as I retrieved my purse, walked right on past the mutant-angry-bees forming their next attack, and then said to myself, “Let this all go; this is all coming to the surface in this dramatic way because it needs to be released.”

I started my car and sat there for a few minutes and allowed my shift to happen (thankfully I have tinted windows because I wouldn’t have wanted to see me, let alone anyone else).

I recognized the mess that I was creating, but do you think I liked what I felt and saw – nope, no way, nadda, zip – I had created an epic shift-my-pants situation, and I wanted it over and done with immediately.

The only way that I could think of to bring this situation to a resolution was to quiet my mind, focus on my breathing, and allow what needed to come into my awareness to do so.

The feeling that I was processing was attached to thought patterns and beliefs that were never mine in the first place ~ I had assimilated them throughout various life experiences. I made the conscious choice to allow these outdated thoughts to flow through and away from me, and to be returned back to wherever they came from.

Now that the shift-storm passed, gratitude and presence could be experienced. When I got back home, my husband had magically found the paper towel stash so that he would no longer be doomed to encountering a crashing space station.

I had to own my shift, really I did, because in owning it, I was able to review it, release it and heal any residual imprinted energy patterns that were surfacing.  I knew in my heart that in owning all of it (not blaming), I could nourish my future Soul-growth.

Nothing in this universe happens by chance. There is always a higher purpose behind every little thing that happens to us, and for us; never forget this.

Everything is an invitation to bring awareness to whatever is taking place in our life at that moment. We are all on the leading edge of our life experiences, complete with exclusive opportunities to expand our consciousness, ground ourselves, get real, get messy, and get ready for whatever else may come our way.

Most of us are still catching up to who we truly are; be okay with it, as it will all unfold in perfect timing.

“I asked the mushroom once about the social chaos at the end of history, and the mushroom said: No worry, bro. This is what it’s like when a species departs for hyperspace. There’s a little shimmy in the landing zone as we take off.” ~ Terence McKenna

“Everything changes when we identify with being the witness to the story, instead of the actor in it.” ~ Ram Dass

“We don’t have to attach so much meaning to what arises, and we also don’t have to identify with our emotions so strongly. All we need to do is allow ourselves to experience the energy, and in time it will move through you.” ~ Pema Chödrön


About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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Course Correction

Welcome to July, the second half of the year ~ this month will be a dominated with an echo of lessons that were being introduced and integrated 20 years ago, so, yahoo and yabadabadoo!!

Twenty years ago was when my last child came into the world. I also knew then that necessary changes were coming into play in my life, and that some of these changes weren’t going to be the easiest, but they were going to be beneficial in the long-run (of which they ab-SOUL-lutely were).  The changes that played out challenged my growth in ways that I never thought I would experience, but not only did I come through each lesson, I can still reflect upon that time with gratitude (well mostly, sigh …).

In astrology, the first week of July is promoted as being a time of spiritual progression and also as a time where all of humanity can raise their levels of consciousness.

We are heading into a phase of Mercury Retrograde on the 26th of this month which will affect all forms of communications ~ computers, e-mails, online transactions, phone conversations, text messages (how they are received versus what the originator’s intentions were), and then right on over to being extra careful when signing any legal documents (making sure that all of those “I’s” and “T’s” are dotted and crossed).  The tricky part about this particular retrograde is that it will carry a shadow effect and its attributes will be felt almost two weeks before and afterward (from July 11th through to August 11th).

On top of communications potentially going into the spin-cycle, there are also two eclipses two weeks apart (one on the 13th {a partial solar} and another one on the 27th {total lunar}), so things are going to get interesting.  Think of it this way, what was hidden from your conscious awareness will be revealed, and may be a bit of a surprise in ways that you may not have considered, so do stay grounded and open to what comes up for you.

With all the activities taking place this month be mindful when experiencing heightened sensitivity, emotional vulnerability, and an increase in your gifts of discernment.

Eclipses are recognized for producing insights that will help you to course-correct, which will bring you closer to becoming aware of new beginnings for healing and transformation.

We’re in what is also known as the days of “spiritual initiation,” which are intended for deep inner work, self-inquiry, truth-seeking, perceptiveness, and silent contemplation. Material or worldly pursuits are not recommended in the days adjoining eclipses (both before and afterward). Instead, consider using this time to nurture your greater inherent capacity for harmony.

This month will be overflowing with new opportunities, potential and possibilities; think back to 1998 and what lessons may still be there for you to consider.

There’s never a perfect moment to plan to make a change or a course correction, however, you will always know by how you feel when the timing is perfect. Sometimes the change will be significant, and other times it will be subtle, but the outcome will still have a new point of focus and direction.

Remember who you are, that we’re all in this together, and do your best to keep your shift together throughout these challenging times of Soul-growth and awakenings.

Chart yourself a clear personal map of what you want to do, where you’d like to be, how you want to feel, and go for it ~ the course correction will happen exactly in perfect timing!

“Every choice we make allows us to manipulate the future.” ~ Captain Jean Luc Picard

“In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than Love?” ~ Igor Stravinsky

“There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.” ~ Rod Serling


About Theresa Marcotte : I am an Energy Intuitive, an Empath, and psychic medium.  I assist clients in re-connecting to their personal power, realizing the knowledge, healing and growth their Soul desires. I am located in Whitby, Ontario (Durham Region) and I am available to be of service throughout the world. 
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